Finding Mr Bright

I was quite interested in buying a few “brightening” products from benefit but didn’t want to spend £20+ on each item only to find I didn’t really like them. “Finding Mr Bright” contains 4 products, girl meets pearl, posie tint, high beam and erase paste. I had looked into buying all of these products apart from posie tint, so I thought this kit would be a good way of testing them out to see if I wanted to buy the bigger versions.

The kit itself is really cute. The box opens up and there is a small mirror on the inside, and then the 4 products in little slots. Some of the products are bigger than others, for example the size of high beam in this kit is 2.5ml, and the full sized product is 13ml. The size of erase paste in this kit is 3.2g and the full sized product is 4.40g




After trying all of these products out I have to say I love all of them. Girl meets pearl gives a nice overall glow. Or as benefit puts it “a breathtakingly luminous complexion”. I have only really used posie tint on my cheeks, I know that it can be used on the lips, but I haven’t had a go just yet. The colour is quite girly and looks very natural when applied. High beam makes you look more awake and adds a very subtle shimmer/glow. The erase paste that was provided in this box is in the shade “medium”, you don’t get a choice unfortunately. I do like the consistency of this concealer and it does blend quite nicely, however I think I will save using it until my skin has a slight tan to it, as at the moment it’s slightly too dark for me!

Have you tried this kit out, or any of Benefit’s other kits?

This kit costs £28.50 from Benefit but if you have a diet coke promotional code you can get £5 off!

  • the packaging is adorable! and everything is so pigmented

  • Thanks for sharing. The box is so cute. Must try now.

  • I never realised they did a mini collection! I used to use the High Beam religiously, just above my blusher, but found it could leave a 'blobby' effect of highlight and it put me off.. I started using Sun Beam highlighter from Topshop – it's golden and leaves a gorgeous glow if you can get your hands on some 🙂 xx

  • your swatches are so nice! i love benefit products, they're awesome xx
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  • This looks so good 🙂

    Laura xoxo

  • Very nice swatches! Posie Tint looks very pretty! 🙂

  • Great swatches, I've used the Erase Paste and it turned out to be a bit dissapointing 🙁 I really really want Posie Tint and High Beam, though!


  • Great review, I'd love to try 'Girl Meets Pearl' after reading this – looks really nice! I alreayd have high beam and erase paste, both of which are firm faves. Benefit is SO good and the packaging is so cute! x

  • My favourite is definitely the High Beam highlighter. It is a great product.