My All Time Favourite Perfume and Body Mists By Hollister

When thinking of perfumes I’m pretty sure Hollister isn’t the first brand you think of. However I’ve been repeatedly using these scents for quite a while now and I love them so much I had to share my love with everyone!

body mists by hollister



Malaia is the only ‘Eau De Parfum’ out of the bunch and is currently my favourite. It literally smells like you’re standing on the beach when you spray it onto yourself. It’s really light and fresh, and it always gets me in the mood to go on holiday when I wear it. I’d say it also lasts for about a good 5-6 hours.

‘The essence of crisp water, sheer florals and soft woody tones, the allure of the ocean and the Californian sun’

Hollister Crescent Bay body mists smells exactly like watermelon, like Malaia it’s very fresh and the spray is actually quite cooling, It has good staying power too. I have worn this to work quite often and I always get customers asking me what it is that I’m wearing. Laguna beach smells really floral, and is described by Hollister as

‘Peach, freesia and coconut milk combine to create a bright, refreshing scent.’

Who would have thought a clothing company could be so good at making fragrances? If you haven’t ever smelt one of these I urge you to go and try one if you go into Hollister. Malaia is around £26 for a small bottle, and I believe the body mists are around £9, kind of what you expect for Hollister prices. If you’re on the hunt for a new fragrance or are looking for something a little different, definitely check them out!

  • I have the blue version of the body mist and moisturiser and they are lush! They smell pretty sweet but I really like that! xx

  • Ahh the moisturisers look lovely! Definitely want the whole collection 😀 x

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  • Ooooo I want them all!!x

  • They sound really nice! Might nip in and have a sniff soon!

  • wow i never knew they did fragances in there! must check it out! great post 🙂

  • everytime i go into hollister i love the smell and always eye up the perfume/body mist stands but have never actually purchased! may have to have a look now… youve sold me 🙂

  • They sound like they smell really nice.

  • Hollister is literally the best smelling shop ever!!! My sister has the Laguna Beach one and I keep stealing a cheeky spray of it when she isn't looking- need to get myself one 🙂 xx

  • Amazing finds! i guess i would try the hollister fragrant <3 we're your new followers!

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  • I actually quite like Hollister scents, I used to have Malaia a couple years back and for some reason never got around to buying a new bottle once that one finished well, thanks for reminding me about it!


  • i am quite in love with Malaia and wear it almost every day. Such a lovely scent! xo


  • I have to agree these scents do smell beautiful!

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    Emilie xox

  • I love the Laguna Beach! Following! 🙂 xx

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