Michael Kors Hamilton Black and Rose Gold

I admitted I was a handbag addict quite a while ago. If there was one thing I would have to say I “collected” it would probably be bags. As some of you may know I started working full time at a rather awesome SEO company this August and as I received my first full pay check at the end of September I thought I’d push the boat out and get something I have wanted for so long.




I got this bag from Bicester Shopping Village in the MK Outlet. My Dad very kindly offered to drive me there, and tutted the whole way around Michael Kors telling me that I had too many bags already.(aren’t dads the best?! haha)

The bag cost me around the £220 mark, and I believe it’s part of the “Hamilton Collection”. I really don’t want to mess it up so I think it will be one of my bags that I reserve for special occasions only!

On the subject of bags, what are your dream bags?

Mine are the Mulberry Bayswater and the Miu Miu Madras Doctor Bag. Best get saving!

  • Oh my word Sophie… that bag is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I'm so jealous haha. That's not a bad price really, a fair price I'd say!

    I don't really lust after designer bags, but I would love a brightly coloured, statement bag!

    Robyn Mayday

  • jealous, that bag is lush!

  • What a gorgeous bag, I love the rose gold accents! xx

  • Ahh thanks Robyn 🙂 I must say I do like some of the neon coloured bags I've seen about!! xx

  • Thank you 🙂 my pride and joy haha xx

  • Thanks Jordan 🙂 The rose gold was one of the things that sold it to me, the store assistant said everyone was going mad for it haha xx

  • That bag is gorgeous, I love rose gold!
    Daniella x

  • Wow, that really is a beautiful bag! So sleek and classic, you'll be able to wear it for many years to come. Great choice! 🙂


  • Ohhhhh man. So jeal jeal. Love your pics of this bag! The CU shots really make it come to life. Don't you love how purses can sort of become living friends?

    No? Just me? hahah

    You know what – ignore your dad. I love dad's, but they'll never understand purses. Glad you invested in such a practical and beautiful piece!


  • I am so jealous, i love that bag! It's gorgeous! xo

  • That bag is.. well.. BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I'm googling, multi-tasking, as I type.. even though my Zara shopper came

  • I'm so jealous of that bag – it is gorgeous 🙂 I really really really want one

  • :O this bag is beautiful! <3

  • this bag is absolutely gorgeous !

    xx Liyana

  • I am so ridiculously jealous! I have been searching aimlessly for this bag since spotting it on a girl from a distance, I am going to Cheshire oaks next week and hope I find it there (long shot as its a few years since this post now!) it's stunning!