Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb

I picked up Lush’s Big Blue Bath Bomb on the off chance when I fancied something slightly different to try. It is described as having lavender oil to relax, lemon oil to clear the mind, and seaweed and sea salt to soften the skin, however it left me feeling less than impressed..


It did turn the bath a really pretty blue colour, but as the bath bomb slowly dissolved tiny pieces of what was described as “seaweed” began to float and collect at the bottom of the bath. There must have been hundreds of these tiny little black sticks in the bath – and to be honest it kind of creeped me out and slightly reminded me of little spiders legs!!



The smell was nice, but the whole spider legs/seaweed mess it left after it had dissolved wasn’t. Maybe I should look into what bath bombs contain instead of impulse buying next time, but I won’t be picking this one up again!

Have you tried this before?

  • Ugh, god no, this looks horrible! It would freak me out too and I definitely wouldn't want this floating round in my bath with me! xo

  • I'm so glad it's not just me who is freaked out by it! Such an odd thing to put in a bath bomb haha x

  • ohh I love the colour it's turned the bath but the seaweed bits are deffo creepy!

    Georgia x

  • Oh my gosh! I love the blue colour but agree with ya, those seaweed pieces would scare the bejesus outta me! Lol! I tried the popping candy one the other day, whilst it was nice it turned the whole bath a lovely shade of pink! Was a workout to clean! Think I'll be sticking to the bubble bars in future 😉

    Aysh xoxo

  • Oh, that looks vile! I am generally not big fan of over colored anything! Bath bombs, soap you name it!

  • When I saw the colour of the water I thought it looked gorgeous, but the bits of seaweed has put me off it!


  • I've never tried one before and I'd only ever heard good things, but the weird black spider legs things would freak me out too much, its a big disgusting haha don't think I'll be trying somehow!


  • This was one of the first bath bombs I ever tried and I absolutely loved it at the time! But the seaweed pieces were definitely much more scarce back then- this looks like seaweed overload! Sorry it wasn't it a great experience.


  • Oh gosh, it does look a bit weird, haha!


  • I had a similar experience with one, it was oatmeal not seaweed but after the bath it looked like I'd throw my porridge in… euch!!!

  • if you dont like the seaweed, just take old stockings and put the bath bomb inside. Then just throw it in the water, I did that with Big Blue and it was an amazing experience, and the horrible seaweed stuff stayed in the stockings which i threw away later 🙂