Amazing Haircare

I’m really picky when it comes to the products I use in my hair. I find quite a lot of the time that products make my hair greasy or simply do nothing. I actually received both the Milkshake Conditioning Whipped Cream and Twisted Sista Leave in Conditioner in my goody bag from the Blogger’s Lunch that Julie and Safira organised.





I never expected I would love these products as much as I do. The conditioning whipped cream smells amazing, literally the best haircare product I have ever smelt – just like a milkshake. It comes out as a foam, and you evenly distribute it through damp hair, you also don’t wash it out. I have applied this quite liberally at times and it never ever makes my hair feel greasy – literally a miracle product. Leaves my hair feeling soft and smelling good too! I can’t imagine my haircare routine without it.

I use the Twisted Sista leave in conditioner after I have washed my hair. I spray it all over my hair, and then brush it through – it acts as a detangler and smells pretty darn good too.

  • At first I really hated the milkshake, but it slowly grows on me. I was applying too much! 😉

    On a different note, I can't wait to see you! X

  • This sounds really great, I want to try it! I hate when hair products smell horrible puts me off!


  • Sounds lovely! xx

  • I love the milkshake!! It smells so good! and doesnt feel too sticky or crunchy lol

    Cherry Lane xoxo

  • I may have to use this milkshake mousse after all – thanks Soph 😉

  • PS. It is like a mousse right? x

  • oh i always love a good hair product review- it's so hard to pick one through all the thousands of choices! i like the sound of the one that smells like a milk shake haha can't go wrong with that 😉

  • I do remember , heard about this somewhere,wanna try out.