Appalling Service and Damaged Goods from ASOS

I have used ASOS for years, probably since I first started online shopping to be honest. I do like a good moan, but I much prefer writing positive things about products and companies. However my blog has always been a place to me where I can write what I like whether that’s a nice review or a bit of a vent(!)

The story starts like this, I saw a scalloped leather bag I liked on ASOS.  You can see it here – looks lovely right?  I asked my boyfriend (James) if i could have it for Christmas. He happily obliged as it made his Christmas gift buying pretty easy. All was well until the bag arrived and James asked me to look at it to check I was happy, and we found this in the box:







It looks like someone has gone at the bag with something sharp and scratched it all over, the leather was missing in places, and there were these odd glue marks everywhere. Basically it wasn’t something you could give as a present.

So we phoned up the ASOS helpline, and to be fair to them they were very friendly. The lady apologised and said it “must have missed their quality checks”, we said fair enough, and they said they would send us a new bag out on Monday, as they did. When it arrived it was the same story again:

Again scratch marks all over the bag, strange glue marks and it looks mis-shapen.




So again we contacted ASOS. First we rang them, and they cut James off, so we emailed them. We received an email back telling us the bag was now out of stock, and if we wished to receive a refund then we should just send both of the bags back. (Oh and they also threw in a 10% off for next time code)

So that was that. No real “sorry”, I’m just confused as to how they let 2 bags like this go out to customers. I have seen ASOS sell vintage Chanel bags in the past, so are you telling me they let thousand pound bags also ship with scratches and gouges all over them?

A discount code doesn’t really matter to me, because at the end of the day I simply wanted a nice bag to use for work for Christmas. I would really like to know why it happened (twice?), and if ASOS have something to say about the condition of the bags – how on earth did they get like this?

As I have said, I’ve used ASOS in the past and not had any complaints. It’s just really disappointing that this has put me off, I certainly wouldn’t consider buying leather goods from them again, or any bags really.

It would be great to hear back from you ASOS. Any explanation as to why my bags ended up looking like this?

  • Oh Sophie that's awful! 🙁 I've been hearing that ASOS is not up to its standard recently and a while ago I've ordered a jacket and I got a completely different one (but the barcode on the plastic package said otherwise, so I guess staff didn't know the mistake and someone wrongly packaged & barcoded it in the first place). I simply ordered the same one again and returned the item – it is waaaaayyyy more faster. I feel you should do a huge moan on Twitter tagging ASOS and ASOS Here To Help and link to this blog post, maybe something will be resolved. X

  • That's horrendous! I always like buying my bags in person so I can see that size and I now know I'm probably safer to do so! That's so rubbish, especially around Christmas time!
    Jess from

  • That's so bad! I know its Christmas and things are hectic but theres really no reason bags should go out looking like this and jackets shouldn't be mis-labelled and sent!! You must have read my mind 😉 i tweeted at ASOS and ASOS here to help – they haven't been very helpful though lol – i don't think they read the post because they asked me to do something i'd already done haha xx

  • I agree Jess, i usually always like to see the bag in person so I can check it out! It's a shame ASOS don't seem to check for themselves! x

  • Yikes those scratches and marks are no joke! If the 2nd bag is like that, it seems like all the stock is faulty but that doesn't explain the perfect bags other youtubers have 🙁

    Sorry to hear about your experience, hopefully it resolves soon!

  • Thanks Sheri – I was thinking that too, perhaps as they were running out of stock they were sending the damaged ones that no one wanted! x

  • Oh no…. It's just very weird thatyou got a second bag even more damaged than the first one, clearly it didn't go through some quality checking… No words… And the discount is laughable.

  • Last Christmas my boyfriend ordered me a dress I wanted from ASOS in size 12. Bless him he didn't notice, it was only when he gave me it on xmas we saw they sent him a size SIX. He had ordered size 12. I wanted to wear it on NYE. They kindly sent me out a size 12 without me needing to return the 6 and they sent it next day so I got it in time. But this size 12 was HUGE!! At least an actual 16. I ended up going out on NYE in the size 6, which was daft but it fit. They were weird dresses!

  • It is! Especially as the second one was as bad as the first, it's quite odd how they would think it's okay not to check after getting a complaint, almost as if they don't even value their customers! x

  • I've had this! I'm pretty tiny anyway, like size 6-8 but i always order 8 cos i like my clothes looser. I ordered a size 8 dress and it was a tent! had to order a size 4 and it was still too big! I wear it cos I love the print but if size 4 is too small where do I go!? And I am an actual size 6-8, in every other shop!