Christmas Stocking Filler Idea: The Vogue Colouring Book

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year but I find present buying extremely difficult! Colouring books for adults have become really popular recently and to my joy I read about the release of the Vogue colouring book. Not only does it make a great stocking filler It also ties in with my love of fashion and lovely clothes!

the vogue colouring book

the vogue colouring book

the vogue colouring book

the vogue colouring book

the vogue colouring book

There are a huge variation of pictures in the book. They are all hand drawn and their inspiration is taken from the issues of Vogue released in the 50s. From ball gowns to cocktail dresses by designers like Dior, Chanel and Balenciaga. All accompanied by captions taken from the original pages of Vogue!

I grabbed my copy from Amazon for £7 and it was 100% worth it. Throw in some felt tip pens and it provides hours worth of enjoyment whilst also being quite relaxing! If you are looking for a stocking filler for someone in your life who is also a fashion fan I would really recommend this.

  • I saw this online the other day and was shocked that they'd made a Vogue colouring book! It looks fab though. I actually scheduled a post the other day for this week about colouring books.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  • I honestly love how coloring books are really in right now. They're so relaxing! I've come across a lot of different themes (mandalas are my favorite!) but this one is really new to me. It looks sooo detailed.

    A Northern Light

  • Such an awesome idea! I can see how therapeutic colouring books are and I love the fashion theme of this one 🙂


  • Adult colouring books are my new fav thing! 🙂 x

  • Its great there are so many lovely dress designs! x

  • I have this book but unfortunately I am terrible at colouring it! It's good for something different to do though x