Getting Married – My Plans!

So at Christmas I got engaged! (Which seems like a lifetime ago now) Ever since then my life has involved lots of venue visits and seemingly endless email chains with suppliers! So today I thought I’d share a little bit about the day itself and the people I’ll be sharing it with.


getting married

I’ll be having 5 bridesmaids. My sister Nichole and James’ sister Hayley, Nicole who is a school friend I’ve known since I was 10. Lorna who I met at my first ever proper “adult” job, and Dee who I met through mutual friends and clicked with instantly! I’m very excited to share the day with these girls and they are probably all exhausted at seeing all my wedding updates haha!

I’m trying to be quite organised so I’ve already bought their bridesmaids dresses, which is shown below! It’s from a designer called True Brides and I think it’s a really nice change from the usual super long dresses you see BMs wearing. I’ve chosen it in a navy blue colour


We are getting married at a church local to us in Woodford Bridge. Followed by a reception in a boutique hotel up the road. We have our family and some friends staying in the hotel and the night before I’ll be staying in their apartment which has a living room so everyone can get ready in the morning! The wedding will be a relatively small affair as I have quite a tiny family. But in the evening we are inviting lots of old friends, family friends and work colleagues so we should have a nice crowd of people!

The Music and The Photos

We are having an awesome photographer called Laura Debourde who will be documenting our day. I met her at a wedding fair and she was so lovely to talk to. I am definitely looking forward to having her with us for the day. Her style is very natural and softly lit which Is just what I like!

We are also having a keyboard player and a drummer who we have seen play at 2 weddings now and we loved both times.


I have a lovely lady called Victoria Taylor doing my makeup – she specialises in airbrushing which is something I’ve never tried before so am really looking forward to having my trial! As for my eye makeup look, I haven’t really decided yet but I am thinking something quite soft and am toying with whether or not to have fake lashes!

My Dress

I have also bought my dress ๐Ÿ™‚ I purchased it from Pronovias on New Bond Street. We had a great afternoon there trying on the dresses and beingย pliedย with Champagne. Obviously I can’t reveal exactly what mine looks like but some of their beautiful designs are below!

I’d love to hear from any other brides to be or now wives! Did you enjoy the planning or did you find it really stressful?

getting married


  • AHHHH this is soo exciting ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sophie x

  • Amy

    Well done on being so organised! I got engaged last August and I have made no proper plans yet, it has been fun browsing around and thinking about what we want though.

    The day you've planned sounds like it's going to be fabulous ๐Ÿ™‚

    Amy x

  • i can't wait!! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  • hehe thanks amy ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  • Oo can't wait to see all of this!! I panicked thinking you had posted your wedding dress haha! I love the style you've went for for the bridesmaids dresses, they're so pretty! xx

    Tamz |

  • So exciting! I love reading about people's plans and your day sounds lovely. I personally found wedding planning to be a nightmare towards the end but loved picking everything and the details, I wish I could do that all over again ๐Ÿ™‚ | Amy x

  • How exciting! This all looks amazing! The cards are so cute, and I love the BM dress! Can't wait to see more about it xx
    Tina x