The Vamp Stamp Review – Does An Eyeliner Stamp Work?

Liquid eyeliner application is a tough one isn’t it? I find I struggle to get the line at exactly the right thickness, and when I do more than often It comes out wonky. Lets not even go into getting the perfect cat-eye flick. It has taken years of practising to even produce something remotely passable, and I need to have an extremely steady hand! When I heard about the Vamp Stamp I was intrigued. This product is said to make wonky eyeliner a thing of the past. Putting an end to cat-eye monstrosities! Basically it’s a rubber stamp in a certain size. You then dip it into a pot of ink and place on your eye to create the perfect flick!

In my excitement I logged onto eBay and bought the cheapest one I could find. Whilst waiting for it to arrive I did a bit more research and realised that actually, the only place to buy a bonafide real Vamp Stamp is from Cult Beauty. It costs £22.50 for the stamp alone, the ink and brush are £18 extra (not my £5 clearly now fake bargain from eBay)

The Vamp Stamp Review

Vamp Stamp Review

When the product arrived I already knew It was a fake. So there was no way I was going to put the provided ink for the wing anywhere near my eye, however I thought it would still be a good idea to test out the rubber stamp to see If I could actually have any success at creating a better cat-eye flick.

The Vamp Stamp Review

The size I ordered was “kitten”, this is the smallest size. You can also purchase sizes “medium” and “large”. My face is fairly small so I didn’t want to go in all guns blazing with a big stamp and have the wing stretching halfway to my ear. I picked the smallest size so I could always build upon it if I was unhappy.

The Vamp Stamp Review

The Vamp Stamp Review

The Vamp Stamp Review

Below you can see where I used the ink to test the stamp on the back of my hand. As the picture shows it created a nice crisp wing, but It definitely was not worth putting near my eye. Instead I decided to coat the provided stamp in my own choice of eyeliner.

I had to be fairly quick as it dried quite fast. It was a bit fiddly at first, getting the stamp to line up with my eye and application was slightly patchy. It did however provide a good base that I was able to work from. I was able to produce the outline of a cat-flick which I then proceeded to fill in.

The Vamp Stamp Review

So Final Thoughts

I know my product was a fake, but essentially it is just a rubber stamp (ink aside). After looking online at many comparisons of fake VS real stamps and they look extremely similar. I found it a bit difficult to line up the stamp with the creases in my eye. Also I had to coat it with a hell of a lot of my eyeliner before I got a clear guideline.

I think the product is great for people who really struggle with getting their eyeliner just right. My usual eyeliner flicks are OK but this is definitely a good option if you need a timesaver or are just starting out with trying to master the flick.

Below is my attempt at using the stamp. I did have to touch it up with a cotton bud as the application was a bit patchy in places where the stamp didn’t take (the crease of my eye), but overall It gave me a good guideline and base to build upon.

You can see the proper product at Cult Beauty. I wouldn’t recommend buying from eBay as you never know what they put in the fake cosmetics that are sold. I will definitely be looking into purchasing the eyeliner ink to see if it gives a more crisp, defined look when combined with the stamp.

The Vamp Stamp Review

The Vamp Stamp Review

Have you ever tried an eyeliner stamp, or are your wings so sharp you needn’t worry?

  • Never seen anything like this before but it looks good.

    Gemma x

  • Interesting. This is my first time hearing about such a product. Will definitely check it out to find out more. Thanks for sharing.

  • I think I would be completely useless using the stamp. it looks really good on you.

    Vanessa x |

    • Thanks Vanessa 🙂 it got easier the more I played with it! x

  • rachel 🐰

    I’ve heard about these before, and I’ve been curious about seeing them being used! Thankfully I don’t need them, but they do seem quite nifty for those who haven’t quite figured out the knack of winged eyeliner x

    Rachel |

  • Josephine Padian

    This looks good.

    I agree about fake makeup products, especially on ebay. There’s so many now 🙁 and I applaud you for speaking up on it as it’s a huge problem.

    I did do a yikes when I read the price of the authentic product on cult beauty but I suppose once you’ve got the stamp and ink you won’t need to get any more ink for awhile.

    I’m super rubbish at doing eyeliner so this is tempting. Just the price. Hmm.


  • Stephanie Griffin

    Delighted to see someone reviewing this, thanks! I’m notoriously bad at winged liner and usually end up with it all over the place haha Think it might be good for people like me!

    Stephanie ||

  • This looks sooo interesting, I had never even considered these before! This would be perfect for me since I am soooo awful at doing winged eyeliner!!


    • once you get the hang of it its very quick to fill in! 🙂