KNOW Cosmetics – The Makeup Brand You Need To Know

KNOW cosmetics are a brand whose solutions are in their product names. Day to day we face a number of make up challenges, and their aim is to make sure that they’re providing us with the tools to solve them! Now a mainstay in Sephora they have made their way across to UK shores and I was able to review a number of the products from the brand!

Know Cosmetics

I was very happy to find out KNOW cosmetics aren’t tested on animals. One of my goals for this year is to eventually phase all animal tested products out of my routine and go 100% cruelty free with my beauty products. There really is no excuse for brands to be testing on animals any more.

One of the things I like the most about KNOW cosmetics are that they’re basically made to fit within your existing beauty routine. They’re easy to use, and properly fit for purpose! Goodness knows I do love my blue lipstick but it’s not exactly practical..

Know Cosmetics

Know Cosmetics

No Thin Lips – Secret Lip Plumper

The first product up was the secret lip plumper. This is a smooth and colourless gloss type product that helps to give volume to and plump up lips. It’s formulated with Aloe and Vitamin E. Once applied your lips feel a little bit tingly, the product is stimulating blood flow to the lips. The end product is a full lip ready for colour application with your favourite lipstick!

Know Cosmetics

No Bare Brows

This brow pencil is a universal shade said to suit everyone.  It’s basically a 4 in 1 eyebrow kit, as it comes with a brow pencil, wax, sharpener and eyebrow brush! The pencil was nice and soft so applied well, I hate when eyebrow products are really hard and chalky. After applying the colour you can give your eyebrows a swipe with the wax end of the pencil to ensure they are set in shape.

Know Cosmetics

No Bleeding Lips – Secret Lip Liner

This product is a clear lip liner. This means you can team it up with any colour lipstick or lipgloss. Dark, bright, neutral, you are good to go! The aim of the product is, no surprise, to stop your lip products bleeding! With the help of the liner you can achieve a sheer and defined lip shape.

Know Cosmetics

No Dark Shadows

This was my favourite of all the products as I often suffer with dark circles. It’s a multipurpose under eye concealer. Not only does it hide dark circles but it also highlights the complexion. Available in two shades – “wow” (rosy) and “pizazz” (yellow). What you get here is an oil free and waterproof solution to your dark shadow woes!

I have taken to applying this after my foundation and then I use my damp beauty blender to blend the product into my skin. It doesn’t feel heavy and sinks in nicely.

Know Cosmetics

  • Amy

    This sounds like such a great brand! As you say, bright colours are fun but often get relegated to the bottom of the makeup drawer. Products which work and simply improve your day-to-day makeup are well worth investing in.

    Amy –