My New Favourite Lip Product – 17 Berry Crush

For a long time I’ve stayed away from lip stains, dismissing them and opting for a lipstick or lip tint instead. But recently I was intrigued by the YSL Rouge Pur Couture lip stain, and thought I would finally give lip stains a go. When I was in Boots I spotted 17 Berry Crush, and thought “why not?”, as a much cheaper alternative, it wouldn’t be such a loss if I really disliked it. However I’m pleased to say I absolutely love it.


As you can see from above, the applicator is literally just like a felt tip pen, when I was applying it I pretty much felt like I was colouring in my lips with a felt tip. Having said that the pen applicator does make it very easy to apply, and you can be quite precise with it.

The stain is double ended, and comes with a lip balm at the other end. You can apply it before and after you use the stain itself, as it helps it to stop drying out.

It is highly pigmented, and gave my lips a lot of colour! I would recommend getting rid of any dry skin on your lips before you apply it because it’s fairly drying and can cling to any imperfections. It can be slightly tricky to get off, but I found a make up wipe and a little bit of Vaseline did the job fairly well!
The shade I purchased was Cherry Berry, but for £4.99, I think I’ll be trying out a few more!

Have you ever tried a lip stain?