Vo5 Miracle Concentrate

I am literally the last person on earth to discover the miracle of hair oils. But my hair is quite dry, due to the fact that I’ve been trying to grow it for going on 2 years now and I don’t cut it as often as I should! So I thought I would give this little product a try, as an alternative to the rather pricey Moroccan Oil in the hopes of restoring some vitality to my hair.



The packaging instructs you to distribute a few drops of the oil throughout towel dried hair (mainly concentrating on the ends)

It’s described as an ‘elixir with argan oil’, which ‘intensely conditions & helps repair dry, damaged or frizzy hair’, the bottle comes with a little pipette inside it (think back to the days of science experiments at school!), which can be used to easily gauge exactly how much product you want to use.

My thoughts on it? Well, it smells lovely, and after a few uses I have noticed my hair feeling slightly  softer, and less brittle. It’s a nice product to use if you are after a cheaper alternative to Moroccan Oil and you are looking to get a bit of shine and softness back into your hair!

What hair oils do you use?

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