Meet My New Floral Wedges

I’m not usually the type of person that goes for bold coloured shoes with patterns on them, mainly playing it safe with black and neutral colours, but when I saw these shoes I knew I had to have them. From the floral pattern to the bow on the front (I am a sucker for a cute bow), these shoes are the perfect for the Summer!






When I first saw these on the shelf my eyes were drawn to them, I raced over and tried looking for my size. There was actually another lady next to me who was quite frantically looking for her size too, and then I saw them, a size 4, I was just about to reach over and grab them until she turned her body and blocked my outstretched arm, picking them up at the last minute. I was fairly gutted as there didn’t seem to be any other pairs in my size left. So I waited, hoping that they didn’t fit her!

After about 5 minutes of trying to get them on, she realised that they didn’t fit, and she flung them to the side. Needless to say I walked over and grabbed them, and luckily enough, they fit! So there you have it, the story behind how I acquired one of the prettiest pairs of shoes I own. I think they’d go really nicely with a plain white dress, and can’t wait to give them a proper début this summer.

These wedges are from New Look and cost £24.99, you can check them out here