My MAC Makeover Experience

A couple of weeks ago I booked to have my make up done in MAC, I wanted to be matched to a foundation and I was also quite interested in an eyebrow pencil as I was looking to branch out from what I was already using.







Overall It was a really enjoyable experience. In the bottom picture, It’s mainly just my eye make up that was left on, as most of my lipstick had worn off by the time I got home. The top pictures were taken straight after I came out of MAC so you can get a better overview of what my whole face looked like.

The lady that did my make up produced a “face chart” – (I think this is what it was called) for me at the end of my session, which detailed everything that she used on my face. I then got to pick what I wanted to buy from the list of products.

As you can see I decided to go for the mineralize satinfinish foundation (NW20) and the eyebrow pencil in the shade lingering. I absolutely loved the eye look that she did for me, but I decided to wait until next time to purchase the eye shadows.

I would recommend anyone who is slightly unsure about what products they want to pick out, or is looking for a particular item of make up e.g lipstick, but isn’t sure what shade would suit them best to book up an appointment in MAC. The appointment/makeover itself was completely free, the only thing that I had to pay for was the make up.