Bobbi Brown ‘Lash Glamour’ Eye Set Review

This set was something that I found whilst browsing the ‘Cosmetics Company Store’ in one of the outlets in Orlando.  The store was literally a make up lover’s dream. They were loads of different brands, from Bobbi Brown to Estee Lauder, and they had lots of cute handmade packages with different make up items in them that you could buy. The best thing about them? They were all discounted.







As you can see, this kit cost me $17.50, which works out to about £12! The kit contains a Lash Glamour Extreme Lenghtening Mascara, which is said to condition lashes while staying smudge and flake free. So far I’ve really liked this mascara, it doesn’t clump and as the claim states, stays smudge free. Next up is the Instant Long Wear Make Up Remover. I’ve found this gentle, and extremely easy to use. Simply shake the bottle, dispense some onto a cotton pad, and wipe away. The final product is the Hydrating Eye Cream. The formulation is very thick, and it has no fragrance to it. It did leave my under eye area feeling both soft and looking smooth.

Overall, a very neat little set, for an extremely reasonable price.

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