Boo Boo Zap Skincare Specialist

I don’t own many spot products, but recently I seem to be having non-stop bad skin days. I’ve been really impressed with Benefit’s b.right skincare range (especially their facial emulsion!!) so when I visited a counter recently I decided to give their ‘boo boo zap’ spot product a go.

boo boo zap



The girl at the counter highly recommended it to me, and said that her co-worker had tried it and it had really helped to get rid of her spots. I was slightly dubious, but decided to give it a go anyway.

You don’t get a whole lot of product (7.5ml), however the effect that it gives is pretty impressive to say the least! After two days of use I had noticed a reduction in redness, and size of my spots. It’s also quite impressive at drying spots out, but not powerful enough to dry the rest of your skin out.

All I did was get a cotton pad, apply some product to it, and rub it on my problem areas. Boo Boo Zap is available from any Benefit counter for £13.50