What I Bought In Vegas: Rebecca Minkoff and Michael Kors

I have had my eye on Rebecca Minkoff for a really long time, I first began seeing her pop up in a lot of the American YouTuber’s videos and saw her hugely popular Mini M.A.C. When I was in Vegas I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to spend my dollars on one of her bags, I made my boyfriend run around all the department stores with me so I could find the nicest colour (thank you!) and in the end I settled on this Electric Blue 5-zip Mini M.A.C





The bag is a really convenient size, has studs on the bottom and zips up nicely to keep everything inside secure. I usually go for black bags, so this is probably the most colourful thing in my wardrobe now! Something to brigthen up the gloomy winter months.

Finally I got this Michael Kors Saffiano Wallet in a Taupey/Brown colour, the leather has a matte finish to it, which means it’s less likely to get scratched – which is a good thing for me as my bag is full of keys which could do it damage!

I should hopefully be doing a photo diary of my time spent in Vegas soon – so if you like bright lights, and crazy sights then keep your eyes peeled!