My Trip To Las Vegas Photo Diary (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of my Vegas photo diary! Following on from where I left off, days 3 and 4 had been particularly rainy, so much so that our Trip to the Grand Canyon had to be cancelled and rearranged for our last full day in Vegas. Luckily enough when day 5 arrived, so did the sun.

Day 5

A lot of the hotels have their own exhibits so we decided to visit a few of them on day 5, we wandered down the strip taking photos, our first stop was MGM grand where we visited CSI:The Experience, you basically have to solve a murder mystery using CSI skills, it was a laugh – even if it was ridiculously easy to solve! We then moved on to Bodies in the Luxor hotel, a really fascinating exhibit that looks at plasticised human bodies, very interesting if you like anatomy and are curious about the workings of the human body!





Day 6

On day 6 we decided to take a ride on the Gondolas that are docked outside the Venetian hotel, its a 15 minute gondola ride, and our Gondolier (is that a word?) sung to us, he actually had a really good voice! He even ended by singing “just one cornetto give it to me..”, basically a legend. After that we took a bus tour which led us up and down the strip, and then on to Downtown Las Vegas, Downtown was absolutely crazy, there were wedding chapels on every corner, and as we drove past everyone keep screaming “Congratulations” to all of the wedding parties standing outside. We went to dinner at The Sugar Factory, which is known for its extravagant cocktails and desserts, they even had a $50 sundae!








Day 7

Day 7 was the day I’d been looking forward to for ages, we actually gambled for a good part of this day, and somehow ended up cashing out over $250, we also visited the Bellagio conservatory, a lovely exhibit that reflects the changing seasons. In the evening we made our way down to the Rio hotel, it so happened that it was the same night that the Canelo VS Mayweather fight was on at MGM Grand, so there was a 3 hour wait for a cab! In the end we walked all the way to the Rio, it took us about 45minutes and it was super hot but worth it because we went to see the Penn and Teller show! The show was awesome, and I literally have no clue how they performed the tricks! Afterwards they came out and talked and took pictures with everyone, really lovely guys.








Day 8

Day 8 was our last proper day in Vegas and the day we took our flight to the Grand Canyon. We booked with Papillion helicopter tours, and it was awesome. We paid extra to sit in the front two seats with the nicest view, and the 45minute journey there took us over the Hoover Dam, and we saw all of the mansions that the celebrities live in on the outskirts of the city. To see Vegas in the distance surrounded by a massive canyon was incredible and the views were awesome – luckily it was very sunny! In the evening we had our final meal at a place called Serendipity 3 originally made famous in New York, they had some pretty awesome food – we tried the deep fried oreos and frozen hot chocolate, seeing the holiday out in style!













And that’s that! A truly amazing holiday that I would love to repeat a few years down the line – in the meantime I best get saving for the next one, I’m hoping to have New York or Los Angeles on the cards soon!