The 25 Before 25

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a little while, purely because being 25 is creeping up on me sooner than I think – although I’m comparatively still quite young I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of 25 things I want to accomplish before I turn 25 next year! That way I have a cool reminder of all of the *hopefully* great things I’ve done before I reached the quarter century milestone.

1. Go To New York

My family have been, plenty of my friends have been but I’ve never made plans to go to New York. There are so many sights I’d love to see, from the Manhattan skyline, going to the top of the Rock and sitting on the infamous Gossip Girl steps at the Met.

2. Start Saving To Go To Hong Kong and Tokyo

Another travel milestone, Chinese and Japanese culture is really fascinating to me, my parents went to Hong Kong when they were young and loved it. It’s not cheap though, so my aim is to start putting together a fund and looking into different packages that might be available.

3. Learn to Cook a Proper Meal

My cooking skills are appalling – my boyfriend loves to recount the story of how I served him a pizza still frozen in the middle when we started going out. (6 years ago may I add..) There is really no excuse to not know how to cook something proper so I think I might just have to grab some recipe books and ingredients and give it a shot.

4. Start Pension Saving

Sadly I’m not getting younger and I really should be thinking about having money in place should I ever hope to retire! Slightly boring but still a necessity.

5. Learn How To Sew a Button or Hole

I can’t even count the number of times I have had a button fall off my clothes or had a rogue hole appear in a favourite top. I really should be able to handle minor sewing issues without asking my mum!

6. Buy Myself an Expensive Bag and Don’t Regret It

The number of times I’ve thought about buying one of the many bags on my never-ending bags list and stopped myself. You work for your money and you may as well treat yourself occasionally!

7. Get Back Into Graphic Design

I spent large amount of my teenage years glued to my computer screen playing around with graphic design programs making different things. At one point I was quite heavily involved in vector illustration which I’d really like to pick up again!

8. Worry Less and Take More Chances

Life is short. That has never been more apparent to me after different events this year. I always find myself constantly worried about situations out of my control and am constantly wondering what other people will think. At the end of the day your life is for you and you only to live it, the more time I spend worrying the less time I have doing things I want to do.

9. Carefully Consider Before I Leap

Job wise this year has been fairly awful. I spent the first part of the year making the decision that I wanted to leave the job I had been working since I graduated and go elsewhere. This was a move highly dependant on emotion and I think I rushed the choice I made and took the first thing another company threw at me. Unsurprisingly this move didn’t work out and I spent a couple of extremely miserable months working for a company that completely misled me under a boss that made mine and my colleagues lives an utter misery. Thankfully I managed to rescue myself from the situation and am now working for a really cool Fashion company. But I need to make sure to always think before I leap, and try not to make so many decisions based on my strong emotions.

10. Grow My Blog

I really would like to start putting more time and effort into my blog, it’s an outlet I’m incredibly proud of and I’ve had loads of cool opportunities off the back of it, but I definitely need to engage and post more.

11. Go To More Events

This is something I’m already working on – I’d like to go to more press days, meet and socialise with more bloggers and generally put myself out there a bit more! Me and one of my blogging friends Chelsey have planned to go to the #BloggersXMAS event in a couple of weeks, and I’m even attempting to pull together some business cards so I have something to give to people.

12. Look After Some Cats

Crazy Cat Lady ‘Til the end. I really miss my cat that lives with my Mum and Dad and would love to spend some time looking after cats, whether that be volunteering to help out somewhere like a shelter or even just applying to be a cat sitter!

13. Lose 7 Pounds

Just so I look better in my clothes! Although with Christmas fast approaching it might be one to put off until the new year.

14. Read 25 More Books

I love to read, so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

15. Paint my Hallway and Re-Do my Garden

Our hallway could definitely do with some paint here and there, and our garden is in a right state at the moment. It would be great to knock down the shed that currently sits in it and give it a little remodel, maybe even adding in some astroturf.

16. Take More Photos

I have a few pretty cool cameras so It would be good to take more photos of everything around me, my family and me and my boyfriend, just so I have some nice memories to frame.

17. Make A Dress

This has always been a dream of mine, I should probably learn to sew a button first though. Baby steps. My nan used to be a seamstress and make things like children’s coats and she always says to me she will sit me down and show me how to make things.

18. Do Something Different With My Hair

Whether it’s dying It or having It cut slightly differently, I’ve had the same hairstyle for ages and It could do with a bit of a shake up.

19. Start To Save To Get Married One Day

It has to happen one day, right? RIGHT? Jokes aside, getting married is something I’ve always wanted, and it’s extremely pricey. Besides, that Vera Wang wedding dress won’t buy itself.

20. Buy Myself More Flowers

They’re so pretty, and even If I can never keep them alive at least they brighten up the room for a week or so!

21. Go To More Exhibits With My Sister

Me and my sister love a good fashion exhibit and have already started making plans to go to the V&A Pleasure and Pain shoe exhibit in January.

22. Always Make Time To See My Grandparents

My Grandparents are legends and I always enjoy going over to see them, there is always a funny story to be told or laugh to be had.

23. Bake More Cakes

I love making cakes and am apparently quite good at decoration. I’d like to make one for everyone I care about for their birthday.

24. Never Waste Time On Users

I know who will be supportive when the shit hits the fan (pardon the pun), I need to make sure to focus on the people who have been there since the beginning and not waste energy on people that don’t matter in the long run.

25. Visit the Columbia Road Flower Market

So many pretty flowers. So little time.

That’s my list – hopefully most are achievable! If there is anything you want to accomplish before an age milestone let me know in the comments.