Tangle Teezer Vs Tangle Angel Vs Wet Brush

Anyone with long hair knows that sometimes It can be a bit of a hassle. From trying to untangle knots in your hair to waiting hours for it to dry. So anything that makes my hair life a little easier is always welcome.

Up to a couple of years ago I always used an ordinary styling brush, nothing special. But It would be hell when I tried to comb my hair and it would constantly snag and end up pulling lots of strands out. This is when I came across the Tangle Teezer (£10.60), it was huge at the time and lots of bloggers were talking about it – I purchased one and never looked back, it helped untangle my hair and glided through my knots easily.

detangling brushes

detangling brushes

I’d been using my Tangle Teezer for a little while when the lack of a handle really started getting on my nerves. Sometimes I would lose grip on it and it would fall to the floor. Also I noticed some of the bristles were becoming slightly warped. This was probably partially due to the fact that it’s not anti-heat and I was using it with a hairdryer often (oops.) I was also using it in the shower which probably isn’t recommended.

I set out to try and find a brush that dealt better with heat and came across the “Tangle Angel”. Although I have to admit I was drawn in by the design and colours (angel wings ahh!). The brush is not only heat resistant but it also claims to be anti-bacterial and anti-static. Perfect!

I found the Tangle Angel (£13.95) much easier to grip than the Tangle Teezer and it was also super effective at getting rid of all my knots. However after a while I noticed the bristles on this brush were warping too! Maybe I just brush my hair with a super heavy hand?!

detangling brushes

I was perusing twitter one day and I saw a few people talking about “The Wet Brush” (£11.99) – I was immediately interested and set about doing a bit of research. Made with heat resistant “intelliflex” bristles and specifically made for gliding through wet hair I was intrigued. I also liked the fact that the bristles were slightly different to the Tangle Angel and Tangle Teezer as they had a white plastic coating on each tip – maybe this would stop them from warping?!

Wet brush

wet brush

Tangle Angel

tangle angel

Tangle Teezer

tangle teezer

I’ve been using the Wet Brush for about 2 months now and I have to say it’s the best out of the 3. Like the others it glides through wet hair. It has an easy to hold handle and I can safely say so far all of the bristles look as good as new!

If you’re in the market for a detangling hairbrush I would definitely recommend you put this one at the top of your list.