New Rimmel Only 1 Matte Lipsticks Range

Lipsticks, probably the item that I have the most of in my make up collection. I always seem to gravitate towards berry hues and darker colours during the winter months, whilst I reach for more pinks and rose shades in the Summer. I recently got the chance to try the new range of Rimmel only 1 matte lipsticks, which come in a variety of  colours from berries to pinks and nudes, so I was spoilt for choice.

This collection of lipsticks gives the wearer high coverage, long lasting high impact colour and an even matte finish on application.

rimmel only 1 matte lipsticks

rimmel only 1 matte lipsticks

The lipsticks apply really easily and it takes a couple of swipes if you like a heavier coverage. They have a really nice smell, it kind of reminded me of marshmallow and vanilla. I also found they were quite moisturising which is rare for a matte lipstick. Usually you apply them and your lips are drier than the sahara in no time.

With regard to transfer on things like cups, skin etc I found that they were very good. Minimal colour was shifted from my lips. Again i’m quite used to wearing a lipstick and then watching half of it become attached to the cup that I’m drinking from!

rimmel only 1 matte lipsticks

rimmel only 1 matte lipsticks

I love the colour options in this range, from darker shades to rosey nudes, there’s something to suit everyone

rimmel only 1 matte lipsticks

rimmel only 1 matte lipsticks

From the picture above the shades are as follows:

750 – Look Who’s Talking – I’d describe this as a berry mocha type colour

810 – The Matte Factor – My favourite of the bunch, a true berry colour perfect for the festive season.

800 – Run The Show – This is purple, not necessarily a colour i’d wear out and about but could be interesting if experimenting with a different make up look.

120 – Call The Shots – A deeper rose colour, think your lips but better.

500 – Take The Stage – A classic red, you can’t go wrong.

110 – Leader Of The Pink – A lighter rose than Call The Shots, really wearable.

610 – High Flyer – A rosey nude.

200 – Salute – Another rose nude, similar to Leader of The Pink but that bit darker.

700 – Trendsetter – Very similar to High Flyer, a classic nude.

These lipsticks are on offer in Boots at the moment for £4.99 instead of £6.99. Snap one up while you can!