The Best Christmas Games To Play Around The Table

It’s Christmas Day, you’ve stuffed yourself full of turkey and pigs in blankets and you’re happily full. The natural next step is to bring out the Christmas games, right? Christmas isn’t Christmas without having a giggle at nan trying to play a party game.

Below are some of my favourite picks for this festive season, from humming carols on a guitar to avoiding sprout flavoured chocolate you’re bound to find something to put a smile on everyone’s face.

christmas games

The Posing Game

Photo Booth Crackers – £12.50 – Talking Tables

What better way to start off the festivities with some fun crackers. This box comes equipped with some silly photo booth props. You can don an elf hat, whip out the camera and take some embarrassing photos!

christmas games

The Food Game

Sprout Roulette – £2.99 – Lidl

These types of games are becoming more and more popular. I was round a friends earlier this year and he bought out a Jellybean flavoured roulette game, think baby wipes vs coconut flavoured jellybeans! This little game from Lidl looks like it could be a party pleaser! Guests take turns to spin the wheel and pick up a sprout. The aim is to avoid the not-so-nice flavoured sprouts, but hey there’s always the solid chocolate turkey to fight over at the end.

christmas games

The Musical Game

Hum & Strum – £8 – Talking Tables

When I saw this game it immediately put a smile on my face. Guests take turns to pick up their little guitar and hum the song detailed on the guitar pick. There’s even a little cardboard fire to sing around. The musically inclined in your family may get a little competitive when playing this one!

christmas games

The Guessing Game

Who Am I? – £5 – Boots

This guessing game features a series of mats that clip onto players noses, players must work out who they are by asking a series of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. This game is perfect for the comedy value alone, with animal mats to messy faces and more.

christmas games

The Mystery Game

Wonderball – £6 – Talking Tables

This is like a mini version of pass the parcel! Taking me back to Christmas parties as a child this little ball of fun is packed with teeny tiny prizes. As you pass the ball around guests will find the tiny treasures placed inside this christmas game.

christmas games

The Guessing Game Mark 2

Who Am I? v2 – £8.50 – Talking Tables

Who Am I is a name game. Similar to the face mat game, this time guests put on a festive hat, be it Santa or one of his elves and choose one of the many double sided cards to place on the front of your hat. The aim of the game is to guess who you are. You could be a celebrity or a character from a book. The winner is the guest who guesses who they are in the smallest number of questions!

Are there any Christmas games you play around the table every year? Let me know what you think of my picks and if you’re going to give any of them a go this December 25th!