New Beauty Products You Need To Know All About

new beauty products

Ahh new beauty releases. I pretty much live for them. High coverage HG concealers, new lip products and more. These are some of my favourite picks from the new releases we have seen recently. Get ready to fill your wish lists up.

Crayola™ for Clinique
Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 14.27.13

Clinique and Crayola have teamed up and given their popular chubby sticks a new look. When I first saw them I thought they were so cute and it made me feel very nostalgic! This set found on the Clinique website is made up of 8 mini chubbysticks, found in a range of colours and shades ranging from sheer to intense priced at £35.


The Silisponge has been doing the rounds since Christmas time, created by Molly Cosmetics the sponge claims to be better at applying products like foundation as it doesn’t absorb anything. It’s easy to wash and can be re-used again and again. This basically looks like a chicken fillet that you put in your bra to me, but I am itching to try it to see if there is truth in their marketing! Hopefully we should see some UK retailers picking it up soon but for now you can find it here.

Too Faced Natural Love

Browsing Instagram a couple of weeks ago I saw that co-founder of Too Faced Jerrod Blandino had posted a teaser for their new ‘Natural Love’ palette. I LOVE Too Faced shadows and this post got me so excited. With 30 stunning shades taking into account neutrals, pinks and some darker colours this palette is the perfect all rounder for someone like me.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 14.42.18

Givenchy Marble Rouge


The Givenchy Marble Rouge Revelateur is a limited-edition shade of lipstick in a marbled red colour. Its transformative upon application as pigments within adapt to the lips pH. Meaning it will suit all skin tones and give a perfect customised red shade.

Tarte Shape Tape


I’ve heard so many good things about this concealer. With rave reviews from big names its said to mask imperfections whilst still being hydrating and concealing. The only annoying thing is it seems to be sold out EVERYWHERE in the UK. I’m constantly refreshing QVC to see if it comes back in stock sometime soon.