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I’m Getting Married in 8 Weeks! The Countdown Is On

When I got engaged at Christmas 2015 setting a wedding date of July 2017 seemed a long, long way away. Now however I’m finding myself counting down the days and trying to tick everything off my huge list as it’s getting closer and closer. In 8 weeks I’ll be walking down the aisle, and I’m not going to lie, although I cannot wait for our wedding day, I’m also a bit nervous!

As someone who generally tends to worry about pretty much every thing under the sun, planning a wedding has been REALLY difficult for me. With so many decisions to make, It’s difficult to keep everyone happy. It’s been a steep learning curve for me figuring out that as long as me and James are happy, it’ll all be ok. We’ve had a rollercoaster ride. Wedding planning isn’t a walk in the park, and like most things worth having, nothing comes easy! But today instead of focusing on the difficult stuff, I want to celebrate the people who have been there for me throughout the process and who I’ll be celebrating and partying the night away with come July 1st.

I'm Getting Married

The Webb Women – My Sister, Mum & Nan

My sister has been a star throughout our wedding planning. As my maid of honour/head bridesmaid she has planned my hen do and made sure that I’m happy the entire way through! I feel very thankful to have such a fantastic sister and best friend. Whenever I start panicking she will be there to text me a funny joke or supply me with some words of wisdom. She’s been there through wedding dress choosing, Valentino shoe selection and venue scoping – Nichole, you’re the best.

The same goes for my mum and nan (& gramps), if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have my beautiful dress and veil. They very kindly paid for my outfit and mum has even managed to wangle a day off work from doing so much over-time (she’s a teacher) to come with me to my dress fittings.

My Dad

My dad has been a somewhat unlikely hero within the wedding madness. When me and Nichole had to go to our bridal hair trial he very valiantly put himself forward to drive us the hour it took to get to the appointment. He then sat through our entire trial and waited for us to finish, then escorted us home. (I realise I’ve just made him sound like a fancy taxi driver, but small things like this have really made all the difference!)


My partner in crime, obviously we have been through all the planning together. Although it’s arguably much easier for the man than the woman. (No hair, makeup, fancy dress alteration, choosing shoes that won’t kill your feet and the list goes on..) James has been by my side throughout and has stepped in to help me if I feel stressed. Obviously all the qualities of a good future husband eh!

My Work Crew

Kristy, Dinah, Laurren, Lee I salute you. Not a week goes by where I don’t have a “wedding moan” and my work pals will always listen. I’ve lost count of the amount of dramatic stories I’ve told Kristy whilst having a laugh at our desks. To be honest I’m wondering what I will have to talk about once all of this is over, hopefully there will be lots of great memories from the day to recount!

I'm Getting Married

My Friends

Whether they are my bridesmaids or my blogging friends. They always ask me how planning is going and are there to lend an ear or have a laugh with. I’m so excited for my hen do in about 3 weeks time where all of my closest girl friends will be getting together for some cupcake making and then on to a bar for a bit of a party!

I'm Getting Married

Basically Everyone Who Has Supported Us!

I feel very touched that other people are as excited about our wedding as we are. We have friends and family coming to celebrate with us that we have met in all walks of life. From school, to work, or through our own personal hobbies. People that have known us since we were young children and watched us grow up. The generosity and good wishes from everyone is lovely and even some people who can’t attend on the day have sent us kind gifts and thoughts for our future life together!

I'm Getting Married

So that’s it from me – just a little thank you to anyone who has supported us this far. I don’t know if I’ll write on my blog again about the wedding before the big day but all I have to say is roll on July 1st! May it be the best day ever.