Top Tips And The Secret To Achieving Long Lasting Makeup

Ah long lasting makeup, it’s what every girl dreams of. But in reality, it’s pretty hard to achieve. Being oily skinned I find more often than not I apply my makeup in the morning, and by midday my face is an oil slick. Due to this I’ve trialled more makeup products than I care to reveal, in my search to find the longest wearing cosmetics on the market. There are definitely some tips to takeaway if you’re looking to stay looking fresh for hours on end, and today I’m sharing mine.

long lasting makeup

Set, Bake & Blend

“Baking” your makeup seems to be a trend at the moment. But it does genuinely work. Basically all I do once I’ve applied my foundation is apply a layer of translucent powder to my face and leave it to “bake” for a couple of minutes before blending it out. Essentially it’s just setting your makeup. I do find that this really helps my makeup not to crease excessively and prolongs the wear time I get out of it. It’s particularly effective for concealer application as this is where my makeup gets the most creased.

Oil Absorption

I am never, ever without some form of oil blotting product in my makeup arsenal. Recently I’ve started using Real Techniques blotting cushions to try and extend the life of my makeup. These are tiny cushions that you can slot in your makeup bag. They help to absorb oil and blend out any creasing or cakeyness. A must have for anyone who suffers from the dreaded 12 o clock face meltdown.

long lasting makeup

Tubing, Tearproof Mascara

I have been using the same mascara for many, many years. The no7 stay perfect mascara has stood me well in many situations. It’s a “tubing” mascara, which basically means when you apply it the product forms tiny tubes around each lash. This stuff does not budge, you can cry, swipe your eyes or dunk your head under water and it will still be there. Taking it off is easy, I usually just combine it with some cleanse & polish and the little tubes come off looking like spiders legs. ha.

Recently I’ve been trying out Bobbi Brown’s smudge proof offering, “no smudge”. This product doesn’t tube your lashes but I can’t fault how fab it is. Even when I’m sweltering hot on the tube it doesn’t come off.

long lasting makeup

long lasting makeup

Eyebrow Products That Dry Down

In the past I’ve used creamy eyebrow product, or eyebrow pencil which tends to be much more susceptible to smudging. I now try and stick to gel type eyebrow products which dry down completely. (When I rub my fingers over my brows there is no transfer) – The option below from NYX is great, applied using an angled eyebrow brush, you can build the colour up to whatever you desire. Once it has dried it’s completely transfer proof too.

longlasting makeup

Liquid Matte Lipsticks

Normal lipsticks are great, but I find the minute I have a drink or touch my mouth there is transfer everywhere. Add the fact that you have to keep topping them up every hour or so and it gets kind of annoying. Most of the lipsticks in my drawers are now long lasting liquid mattes. They are usually of a very creamy texture but take minutes to dry into transfer proof mattified shades. Perfect for drinking, eating and the best thing of all – not having to constantly top up! My favourites are from Too Faced’s “melted” collection, with gorgeous shades to choose from and fantastic wear time.

What are your tips for long lasting makeup?