The Best Tarte Shape Tape Shades For Pale Skinned Girls

Tarte Shape Tape. You’ve probably heard all about the buzz around this concealer, with beauty gurus declaring it as their holy grail product and it gaining cult status in no time. The concealer itself is a full coverage product with a matt finish. It’s available in a range of around 15 shades on To suit everyone with very fair to much deeper skin tones.

Let me start by saying this product is AMAZING. That stuff will cover everything and anything you throw at it, and it doesn’t dry your skin out. Your undereye stays looking fresh and hydrated. If you love to contour then this is a great product for you as you can use the numerous shades to highlight, contour and shape your face.

I’m here today to talk about the best shape tape shades for pale skinned girls. I live in the UK, so unfortunately I couldn’t pop into any shops to try out any of the shades. As a result there was a lot of trial and error when I was trying to find the best shade for my skin tone. I ended up choosing three.

Tarte Shape Tape For Pale Skinned Girls

tarte shape tape

The shades I chose were light, light neutral and light medium.  The shade “light” is said to suit light skin with pink undertones. This is probably the closest match for me. I am very pale. I do have to be careful when applying this though as too much can lead to a very, very BRIGHT undereye. If I chose a concealer any lighter than this I feel I would have ended up looking like Casper the friendly ghost.

“Light neutral” is the shade I would use if I had a little bit of a tan. It’s still a fairly light colour but I don’t think it would really work for me in winter months. Tarte advertises this shade on their site as suited for those with light skin and pink and yellow undertones.

Finally the shade “light medium” – this shade is way too dark for me. I could only really use it for contouring purposes, or if I suddenly became permanently tanned. It is a more orangey toned concealer and said to suit light to medium skin tones with pink undertones.

The Applicator

The applicator on this concealer is HUGE. It’s not your standard doe foot applicator size. You need to be careful when applying it as it’s very easy to get carried away and deposit too much product.

I have found that the best way to apply this product is by lightly dotting it under the eyes, instead of just swiping it all underneath my eyes. This gives a much more natural finish and doesn’t lend itself to over application.

tarte shape tape

tarte shape tape

The Swatches

As you can see from the swatches even the shade “light” looks quite light on my skin. When blended out it looks perfect but as mentioned above you have to go in with a light-hand so you don’t end up with flashback from very light concealer.

Light medium is the shade i’d reach for if I wanted a very natural contoured look. Looking at the swatch it’s clear that this shade is too dark for a pale skinned girl like me.

Light neutral will be perfect for me when I have a bit more of a summer tan (hopefully!). But I’ve even taken to mixing some of the shades to create a more custom colour for my skin. Light and light neutral make a lovely combination.

tarte shape tape

tarte shape tape

Have you ever tried Tarte shape tape? Let me know what shade suited you.