New From Rimmel London The Insta Makeup Range

We all love taking a good selfie right?! So when the new Rimmel London Insta makeup range dropped through my letterbox I was intrigued. Everyone loves looking picture perfect as often as they can and this new collection claims to keep you looking selfie ready all day long. The collection is made up of a number of contour sticks, conceal, contour and correction palettes, a mattifying powder and a fixing spray to make sure your makeup stays in place. Read on to find out what I thought of the collection.

The Rimmel London Insta Makeup Range

Rimmel London Insta makeup range

Rimmel London Insta makeup range

Rimmel London Insta makeup range

Contour Your Heart Out

#Insta Duo Contour Sticks – £6.99

I’ve never been a contour-er. The whole thing kind of confuses me a bit, but these sticks are actually great. They’re super easy to use and are nicely pigmented. Each stick (light, medium & dark) has a highlighting side and a darker contouring side. Basically perfect for anyone who is lacking that sought after contouring finesse.

I tend to stick to the light stick as I am very pale, but I absolutely love the highlighting side. It adds just a subtle shimmer and isn’t in your face at all. I’m all about that “natural glow”.

Rimmel London Insta makeup range

All the shades in the stick from light to dark. (R-L)

Set and Hold

Rimmel London Insta makeup range

#Insta Fix & Matte – £4.99 and #Insta Fix & Go – £6.99

I used the Rimmel “stay matte” powder for yonks before I discovered my beloved Laura Mercier translucent powder. Their powders are a great cheaper option that deliver good quality results. I loved the little hashtags baked into this powder – very cute. However I was slightly sceptical as it is WHITE. I love a good translucent powder but I am very wary of flashback which I know can occur if product contains certain ingredients or isn’t blended properly. I find used with a light hand this powder is great, it helps to reduce shine and lock your make up in place. Just be careful not to go too wild as you don’t want to end up looking like you’ve covered your face in talcum powder when the camera flash comes out!

The fix & go setting spray in this collection is a great contender for products like the Urban Decay “all nighter”. It’s been formulated to keep your makeup in place all day, without the need for constant touch-ups.  It also works well as a nice facial refresher, if you’re feeling a bit hot and bothered just whack this baby out. Definitely worth a try, if only to cool you down on a crazy hot day.

Conceal and Cover

Rimmel London Insta makeup range

#Insta Conceal & Contour Palettes – £6.49

I’m always a bit wary of concealer and corrector palettes. I like a high coverage concealer and often I find that many products just don’t hit the mark. These types of products usually dry the life out of my skin, so my undereye area looks cakey as anything. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the quality of these palettes, they aren’t up there with my holy grail concealers they do a great job at helping you look less tired and improving your skin tone.

Overall I think the Rimmel London Insta makeup range is fab! There are some really effective products in the collection all at a great price point. My personal favourite has to be the contour sticks. Purely because I can swan around looking glowy with minimal effort required!

Have you tried this range? Let me know your thoughts!