A Look At Dior Makeup – High End Beauty Picks

A couple of weeks ago my sister celebrated her 23rd birthday. As part of her birthday present my Mum took her to a Dior makeup masterclass. At the class they were able to try out a range of Dior makeup, see demonstrations and choose to buy products if they wished. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the class but being the stars that they are they picked me up a couple of Dior goodies. Combined with some of the smaller samples they got in their goodie bags I was in high end makeup heaven!

Dior Makeup

Dior Addict Lip Tattoo – Natural Rosewood

The first thing they picked up for me was this new product, the lip tattoo. These are marketed as long wear lip tints. The formula is really pigmented, and a small amount of product goes a long way.

It doesn’t feel drying on the lips at all, the formula is water based so its very light.  To be honest most of the time I forgot I was even wearing it. I had to apply it a couple of times throughout the day due to it wearing off through eating etc, but overall the staying power was great.

The packaging is very luxe and it works so well if you want to add a quick dash of glam to an everyday makeup look. 10/10 for this one Dior.

Dior Makeup

Dior Metalizer Eye & Lip Cream – Platine Fusion

Look at it! It’s so shiny! As the name suggests, you can use this product as an eye or lip cream. I don’t think I’d use it on my lips, but it is such a gorgeous shadow base colour. Such a wearable and universal shade, it mixes with practically every shadow I own to create a beautiful metallic look! I usually just dab a bit on with my fingers, or to make things a bit less messy you could use a small brush.

Dior Makeup

Dior Makeup

Dior Nail Glow & Lip Maximizer

My nails have been suffering quite a lot after my wedding day. Having acrylics has made them brittle and prone to breaking. So when I saw the little bottle of nail glow in my goodie bag I perked up! It is said to “reveal the natural beauty of your nails”. The varnish makes the pink of your nails pinker and brightens the tips to give an instant French manicure look. I have to admit it did make my nails pinker and I liked the overall look it gave them. I don’t know if it made them any stronger but they definitely looked more perky!

The little lip maximizer is an instant volume gloss, it gives an instant-volume effect for full and plumped lips. On application it tingles a little bit, and tastes slightly minty. It’s quite a nice sensation actually! It made my lips look healthy and glossy.

Dior Makeup

Overall I’m loving all of these Dior makeup drops. I can’t wait to check more of their AW17 fall collection out!

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