How To Care For Blonde Hair with Redken

As a recent adopter of blonde hair, I have come to realise that looking after your new ‘do isn’t that simple! I wanted to make sure that I was using products that would keep my new colour looking as fresh as possible. I’d been warned about the dreaded “brassy blonde” shade my hair was in danger of turning if I didn’t look after it properly. So I set out on a hunt to find the best shampoo, conditioner and mask combo that would ensure there was no hint of brassiness and only golden glamour. Today I’m sharing how to care for blonde hair with some fab new products I’ve been trying out.

how to care for blonde hair

One of the first brands I came across was Redken. I have seen it used in hair salons on multiple occasions and knew it was a reputable brand. The only problem I had was that it’s quite an expensive offering! After my last hair appointment I had been tempted to buy myself a big bottle of “blonde idol” shampoo but had hesitated due to the price. After having a bit of a look about I found the Redken sale section on Love The Sales. They had the Redken range I was looking at going for a massively reduced price on a site called Mankind. I hadn’t previously heard of the site but was really pleased as savings I can make on my shampoo equal more money for a new lipstick!

Redken Blonde Idol Shampoo

This is the first product I’m now using in my routine. The shampoo is sulfate-free and is said to gently cleanse away dirt. It isn’t a purple coloured shampoo like some other blonde hair care products I’ve used. It’s a very pearly white and you only need the smallest amount to create a lot of lather. This product is said to illuminate blonde hair.

Redken Blonde Idol Custom-Tone Conditioner

After I’ve used the shampoo I move on to the conditioner. This one is particularly cool as it’s a dual chamber product. This means it allows you to release a custom blend of colour and conditioning formulas which can both be adjusted. Basically if you set the dial to max it deposits more violet-toned colour enhancing product. If you turn the dial down it pumps out more conditioner. This is what I find helps to neutralise any brassiness in my hair on a daily basis. It also nicely conditions, strengthens and keeps my hair looking healthy.

Redken Blonde Idol Mask

This is the treatment I use on a weekly basis. Again this is a violet toned hair mask used to revive colour. It really helps to nourish my hair if its feeling dry or damaged. After using this my hair always feels soft, manageable and hydrated!

how to care for blonde hair

So there you have my new 3 step hair care routine. I’ve really been enjoying using these products from Redken and its great to be able to experience quality products at a discount! They are expensive but definitely worth it! I can really tell the difference in the condition and tone of my hair compared to using slightly cheaper high-street alternatives.

What types of products would you recommend for blonde hair? I’m always looking to try more!