Getting Whiter Teeth With The Nano Whitening Range

Everyone wants white teeth right? I remember when I finally got my braces taken off. After 6 odd years of wearing them I was hell bent on getting my teeth whitened to finish off the look. Unfortunately though it wasn’t really an option for me at the time as I was a poor student! Since then I have briefly flirted with teeth whitening products (hello Crest white strips..!) but never really committed to anything. When I was offered to try out the new Nano whitening range I knew I had to try them as once again I’d been looking in to teeth whitening options.

Nano Whitening

Nano Whitening Toothpaste (£14.95)

The first item I tried was the Nano intensive whitening toothpaste. This contains a powerful whitening formula. The toothpaste will dissolve stains using enzymes and micro-particles which will ensure your teeth are scrubbed back to their best white shade. The toothpaste had a nice minty taste and foamed up well. My teeth felt lovely and clean afterwards. I now use this before I apply the Nano whitening strips to ensure my teeth are as fresh as can be.

Nano Whitening Mouthwash & Floss (£14.95 & £4.95)

The Nano whitening mouthwash has been developed to use as part of a routine to ensure a radiant sheen on your teeth. The taste of the mouthwash is very, very minty but it also contains Xylitol which is a natural sweetener. This is said to prevent the risk of acid attacks. I use this before bed in combination with the Nano floss. This thread will expand when placed between your teeth to remove any plaque.

Nano Whitening

Nano Whitening Strips – 28 Strips (£24.95)

The Nano intensive whitening strips have been designed by UK dentists. Their aim is to give users a healthy white smile. They are minty flavour and safe on the enamel of your teeth. All ingredients are approved by dentists so you will have sparkly whites in no time!

How To Apply

  1. I brushed my teeth before application using the nano whitening toothpaste.
  2. I peeled the strips from their plastic backing
  3. Applied the long strip to my top set of teeth and the smaller strip to my bottom set of teeth, aligning the straight edge of the strip with my gum line and pressing in to place.
  4. Left the strips on for 60minutes and then peeled off.
  5. Rinsed my mouth out to remove any excess product.

Tips When Using The Strips

  1. Don’t pull on the strips or mis-shape them when applying to your teeth.
  2. Don’t run your tongue along the strips once they have been applied, they may start slipping around.
  3. Make sure to brush your teeth before application, and start with dry teeth before application.


Overall I am super pleased with the results. I have used the strips for 12 consecutive days straight and have noticed a difference. Although my teeth are not gleaming white they definitely look clearer, brighter and in better condition.I have suffered from sensitive teeth in the past and I don’t feel that the whitening strips made my teeth feel more sensitive at all. My teeth always feel nice and smooth after using the products and they are definitely something I would like to adopt into my regular routine. I’ll be continuing to use them up until the 28 day mark and fingers crossed for an even brighter smile!