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I struggled with being able to apply false eyelashes for a really long time. I’d get glue in my eye, they’d get stuck halfway up my forehead, or the corners would ping off and i’d end up looking like a mess. It’s only been after continual practice and many YouTube videos watched that I’ve finally just about managed to learn how to apply them effectively. When got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to try some of their false eyelashes by KISS I couldn’t say no!

KISS False Eyelashes – Blooming Lash

I chose two styles from the KISS blooming lash collection. “Peony” and “daisy” were the styles I opted for. The blooming lash collection features multi-angle technology giving lots of layers of lashes on one single lash band. The reason why I loved these lashes is because I think they look super natural. I’m not really one for over the top eyelashes so these were absolutely perfect. I think they would suit most every day looks. In each box there is lash glue for easy application. The lashes are also contact lens friendly, great for a regular like me. I didn’t find them to irritating at all and they sat comfortably on my eye.

Kiss False Eyelashes

KISS False Eyelashes – True Volume

The next pair I opted for were the “ritzy” style of the true volume lashes by KISS. These lashes feature a tapered end, as you can see in the photo below. This allows them to blend seamlessly with your own eyelashes. They have a more textured design and add a medium length to your eyelashes. They are slightly more dramatic and voluminuous than the other pairs I picked so I think they’d be more suitable for a night out.

Kiss False Eyelashes

KISS False Eyelashes – Looks So Natural

The final pair I chose were the “sultry” pair from the looks so natural range. These lashes are marketed as being light and soft as a feather. Again this pair have a tapered end and a large clear band so that they blend in nicely with my eyeliner!

Kiss False Eyelashes

Overall Thoughts

I really enjoyed playing around with these lashes. I found them easy to apply. After trimming them down to the desired size I placed some glue on the lash band which is sturdy and applied them to my eye. They didn’t feel uncomfortable at all and looked effortless and natural.

See my picture below for the look I created using the blooming lashes in “peony”

Kiss False Eyelashes

Kiss False Eyelashes

Do you have a favourite brand of false eyelashes? Have you ever tried products from KISS before?