5 Beauty Tips I’ve Learnt Since Being A Teenager

I have to admit, as a teenager I knew little to nothing about the best way to apply my makeup. I remember owning one single eyeshadow which was a duo from Topshop, one shade was pink and one was yellow. Lets just saw it was a “look”. Over the years I like to think I’ve acquired a little bit of knowledge and gained some useful beauty tips I’ve learnt since being a naive teen that thought pink and yellow eyeshadow looked good together.

Put Eye Cream and Even Concealer In The Fridge

I love the feeling of having a really refreshing product applied around the eye area. Putting eye creams in the fridge means that when you take them out and apply them you instantly get that cool feeling, helping you feel a bit more awake! I’ve also found the trick works well when using concealer. One of my favourite concealers is cream based and housed in a tube. Sometimes when It gets too hot the consistency of the product goes a bit runny and I find if I pop it in the fridge for half an hour before application it applies much more evenly and gives better coverage.

beauty tips i've learnt

Chug as Much Water As You Can

As a teen I didn’t really care too much about making sure I was drinking my recommended daily amount of water. As I’ve got older though I’ve found that drinking more water really does have a profound effect on my skin. I make sure the water bottle on my desk Is always topped up so I know I’m drinking enough. As a result my skin is clearer and less prone to breakouts.

beauty tips i've learnt

Oil is Your Friend

I suffered from oily skin as a teenager and to be honest my skin is still oily now at the age of almost 27! For a long time I shied away from any oil-based products. Be it face or hair oils. Now I’ve found that tea tree oil really helps to mattify and calm my skin, and hair oils like botanical shine by Liz Earle helps to keep my hair looking soft and shiny.

Go To Bed On Time

Ahhhh to be 18 again, staying up until 3am and not having to worry about getting up to go to work. As a younger woman my sleeping pattern was not good at all. You won’t catch me up at 3am any more though. I make sure I’m settled in bed by 10pm on weeknights, and try and shut off and go to sleep straight away. As long as I get my 7-8 hours I’m a happy woman.

beauty tips i've learnt

Don’t DIY

Put your hand up if you used to DIY dye your own hair as a teenager? I was definitely guilty of this and I did practically everything under the sun. Whether it was spray in hair lightener (hello sun-in!), or box dyed black hair. It was never a good look.

Now I’m a bit older though I leave anything like that to the professionals. I don’t have the time nor the energy to try and fix a bad dye job myself, and hey there’s nothing better than going to the salon and getting your hair done right! A lovely excuse to treat yourself.

What about you? Are there any great beauty tips you’ve learnt since being a teen?