How To Get Plumper and Bigger Lips With The PMD Kiss

Everybody loves a fuller pout right? Every time we log on to Instagram we are greeted by gurus with full size glossy pouts that make lipstick application easy. How do they do it?! Well, when I was contacted by Harlen at SVPR to try out the new PMD kiss device I began to wonder if my all my fuller sized lip problems would be solved.

What Is It?

We all know as we get older like most things our lips start to deteriorate and lose volume. We also have the added joy of fine lines and wrinkles around our mouth. What the PMD Kiss sets out to do is provide youthful looking lips without the need for any cosmetic procedures.

The device uses a pulsating vacuum to plump up your lips in a matter of minutes. Results can then last from up to 5 hours! Whilst increasing blood flow to the lips it also enhances the production of collagen. Meaning that longterm you will have a much fuller lip.

pmd kiss

pmd kiss

How to use the PMD Kiss

  1. First things first you need to apply the lip plumping serum that comes with the device onto clean lips (note: like many lip plumping products this does sting a bit!)
  2. Take the PMD kiss device and place the plumping “circle” onto your lip.
  3. Move the PMD kiss device around your lips, moving onto a new section after it has pulsated around 15-20 times.
  4. Say “hello” to a much bigger pout ready for lipstick to be applied!

pmd kiss


My lips can tend to be a bit lopsided and I found that the device really did help to make them look more even and full.

I liked the fact that you had an option when It comes to the suctioning. With one setting delivering a quicker plump and the second setting delivering a slower speed for a more “targeted” plumping result. I also liked that there were two types of “kissers” (small and large) to deliver slightly different results.

I found results usually lasted for about 3-4 hours. My lips were suitably plumped and made a better base for applying lip products more evenly.


pmd kiss


pmd kiss

The device has an RRP of £125 which is quite pricey. However if you do suffer with thin, deflated or slightly wrinkly looking lips this device could be a revelation for you. I now don’t put my lipstick on without giving the PMD Kiss a quick burst and long-term I am hoping that it makes my lips look more healthy and voluminous!