The £5 Nivea Men’s Moisturiser That Changed My Skincare

I am super picky when It comes to using moisturiser. I usually stick to my Simple clear skin oil balancing moisturiser on a daily basis. Most other products tend to break my face onto into a spotty, oily mess. I once used a £50 Murad moisturiser that was marketed as being water based and oil free. By the end of the day my face was a greasy wreck. Funnily enough most recently James, my husband was on the look out for a moisturiser. His skincare regime is basically next to nothing. I encouraged him to look for a male moisturiser in Superdrug. It was there that we stumbled across this Nivea men’s moisturiser.

Nivea Men's Moisturiser

We purchased the moisturiser on special offer for £5. It usually retails for around £6.99. I kind of left James to using to first of all. Thinking “meh, it’s only a £5 moisturiser, it won’t be decent.” However after he’d been using it for a couple of weeks he started telling me how soft his skin felt. I couldn’t dispute, his face did feel baby smooth! He has good skin anyway but it just looked extra *glowy*.

So what did I do? Well I used it after I’d been in the shower one day without telling him of course. Straight away it absorbed so easily and I didn’t notice any signs of grease at all. I had to come clean and tell him that I loved his new moisturiser, and before I knew it we were both picking it up and adding it into our skincare routine.

Nivea Men's Moisturiser

The moisturiser contains Vitamin E to help guard your skin against the environment and to stop premature ageing. I’d say it’s a pretty no frills attached product, but it does exactly what I need it to do. It stops my skin feeling tight after I’ve had a hot shower. It also makes the perfect base for my foundation. Its definitely a worthy opponent for my current simple moisturiser.

Nivea Men's Moisturiser

To be honest the fact it’s “for men” means nothing at all. This whole “for men”, “for women” thing means nothing at all. It’s just an elaborate marketing ploy because the product isn’t the pink and pretty packaging that women are supposedly meant to gravitate towards. I say this is a great moisturiser, whether you are a man or a woman, we both have skin so why not give it a shot!