6 Ways To Relax & Unwind Before A New Week At Work

We all know that familiar feeling of dread on a Sunday night don’t we? A great weekend has been had. Then the crushing reality hits that you’re back to work tomorrow to do it all over again. Fear not though, there are some things you can do to ease the pain a little bit! Every Sunday I like to do a couple of things to help me relax & unwind before a new week at work that I thought I’d share today.

Relax & Unwind Before A New Week At Work


One of the first things I will do is run a bath. It seems kind of an obvious thing to do but it really does help me to wind down. I recently got one of those bath trays which means I can now bring my iPad or Kindle into the bath with me and have a read whilst I relax. A bonus is that I can also bring a drink in with me!

Hair mask

The next thing I’ll do is slap on a hair mask. I don’t know what it is but when I’ve had a nice treatment done to my hair my life generally feels a bit more *together*. Some of my favourites are the Maui Moisture anti-breakage mask or the new dream lengths heat mask by L’Oreal.

Cook A Favourite Dinner

James will often cook our favourite dinner on a Sunday, Spaghetti Bolognese. It gives us something nice to look forward to in the evening and we will spend some time talking about things we have to look forward to whilst enjoying our dinner together!

Phone A Friend/Mum

One thing that really helps me to relax is having a phonecall with a close friend or family member. More often than not I will have a chat with my mum about what I’ve done at the weekend and any worries I have for the week ahead. She is great at lending me and ear and giving me advice for all the different challenges life throws my way.


Recently I have taken to writing in a diary. Doing this really helps to compartmentalise my thoughts for the day. Allowing me to think about the things I am grateful for and remember good memories I have made. If I feel down I often read through what I have written to help me try and remember all of the positive things I have going on in my life.


Weirdly when I do a de-clutter at home I feel oddly de-stressed. It’s almost like by removing things from my life that I no longer need my mind feels cleared as well. Whether its emptying out boxes full of items I’ve accumulated over the years but never used, or sorting out my clothes and giving some to charity. De-cluttering really helps me to relax.