The Beauty Glossary – Terms & Techniques To Know

Ahh the beauty world, full of trends. We have to get used to new terminology all the time. Coming to terms with and experimenting with techniques that are the hottest at the moment. I thought I’d put together a list of the most frequently used beauty terms I hear kicking around the blogosphere so that we can brush up on our beauty know-how. Here’s my beauty glossary.

Beauty Glossary

The Beauty Glossary

Baking – Baking is a technique that consists of applying a powder over the top of foundation or concealer so that it “bakes” into the skin. As a result you are left with a matte look that minimises creasing and sets your base products.

Highlighting – Using a highlighter (cream/powder, whatever takes your fancy) and applying it to places like the brow bone and cheek bone. Brightening up key areas of the face.

Eyeshadow Fallout – These are the little pieces of eyeshadow that fall onto your cheeks and undereyes after you have blended your shadow.

Lipstick Bleeding – This is when lipstick “bleeds” or runs into the creases around your lips. You can stop it happening by using a lip liner. I have a clear one from Bourjois that works well!

Contouring – Using a bronzer to sculpt the hollow areas of your face to give it more definition.

Beauty Glossary

Beauty Blender – An egg shaped cosmetic sponge that you dampen to help blend your cream products. Gives you a streak free and flawless finish.

Doe Foot – A type of applicator found most often in lip products. It’s shaped like a deer’s foot, hence the name.

Spool – A tool used to brush and shape eyebrows. It kind of looks like a mascara wand with thick bristles.

BB Cream – A “beauty balm” that is sort of like a super formula of moisturiser, foundation and primer.

Cut-crease – Is a technique used to define the crease of your eyelid by “cutting” it with a contrasting colour to make it stand out.

Swatch – Swatching a product is when you try out the colour or intensity of a product on your skin. On a place like your arm or the back of your hand.

Tightlining – This technique is when you line underneath your top eyelashes with eyeliner. It gives the eyes extra definition and creates a look with no gaps.