Juvia’s Place Magic Mini Palette – Review & Swatches

I like millions of others follow “trendmood” on Instagram. A little while back I saw a post go live that said that the chain Ulta Beauty in the USA was going to be stocking brand Juvia’s Place. I had heard bits and pieces about the brand before and knew they were all about bright colours and cool packaging. So, I made it my mission to seek out an Ulta Beauty while on holiday in Florida this year and see the brand in the flesh. I had my heart set on the Juvia’s Place Magic Mini Palette after seeing pictures of it. The colour combinations in the pan were different to anything I had seen recently. Pinks, greens, blues, silvers and only $25, YES PLEASE.

Juvia's Place Magic Mini Palette

Unfortunately Ulta had sold out of the palette I had my heart set on. So what did I do? Came home and ordered it from Beauty Bay.

We all know I’m an eyeshadow palette hoarder and I also love a neutral eye palette so this was a little bit different for me. There are 16 shadows in the palette, which are a mix of metallics, mattes and duo chromes.

This palette is essentially a smaller version of their ‘magic’ palette, so the pans are that bit smaller. This is great for me as I don’t wear really bright eyeshadows too much, but I like incorporating them into a look when the mood takes me. It’s a nice compact size should you wish to travel with it, the only big drawback was that there was no mirror included.

Juvia's Place Magic Mini Palette

The brand is owned by Chichi Eburu a Nigerian businesswoman. She created the line with darker skin tones in mind, hence why everything is so vibrant. All of the shades have African inspired names and the packaging also features different illustrations of goddesses and Egyptian Queens!

Juvia's Place Magic Mini Palette

Eyeshadow Swatches

On the top 2 rows we have 8 shadows

  • Nubia – Metallic yellow-gold
  • Zakiya – Matte deep orange
  • Osun – Metallic baby pink
  • Kesi – Matte beige
  • Zuba – Metallic medium pink
  • Nana –Matte brown/orange
  • Boronu – Metallic bronze
  • Kogi – Matte red

I have to say my favourite 2 shades in this section are ‘osun’ and ‘zuba’. They are beautiful blendable metallics and I do love a pink. I was less a fan of the mattes as I found I had to swipe multiple times to get a good swatch and colour payoff. ‘Kesi’ is a great base colour for the lid though.

Juvia's Place Magic Mini Palette

The bottom two rows have the below shades:

  • Faso – Duochrome lilac
  • Aja – Metallic deep green
  • Vai – Metallic dark grey
  • Yemoja – Metallic light grey
  • Ife – Matte dark purple
  • Yara – Metallic turquoise
  • Buzo – Metallic green
  • Yejide – Matte navy

I LOVE these shades. I really do think they are stunning and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a palette with a similar colour combination. Again the metallics were rich and pigmented with great colour payoff. ‘Faso’ is absolutely beautiful. I found ‘ife’ and ‘yejide’ a bit harder to work with and also noticed that ‘ife’ left my skin slightly tinted with colour even after I’d scrubbed pretty hard to remove it.

Juvia's Place Magic Mini Palette

Final Thoughts

Overall I think the palette is fantastic. It’s nothing like other palettes that I own, and those metallic shades are perfect. Maybe this neutral eyeshadow girl will finally start experimenting properly with some colour now!

The palette can be purchased for £30 from Beauty Bay, but if you live in the States get down to Ulta Beauty. Get your hands on the brand and do some swatches to see how pigmented and beautiful some of these shades really are!