Best Beauty Essentials To Carry In Your Handbag

If you’re like me then your handbag is likely full of things that you probably don’t need, but carry round just in case. However what I have found over the years is that there are certain beauty essentials that have to make it into my handbag to keep any beauty dilemmas at bay. So today I’m sharing the best beauty essentials to carry in your handbag.

Best Beauty Essentials To Carry In Your Handbag

Hand Sanitiser

Every time I get an opportunity to visit Bath and Body Works I stock up on hand-sanitisers. I seem to have acquiried numerous hand-sanitiser holders over the years too, so I’m guaranteed to be carrying it round in some sort of sparkly, panda themed container.

These are great because they solve a multitidue of problems. Dirty hands? Hand sanitiser. Sticky hands? Hand sanitiser. They’re also great for removing make up swatches from my hands if I find myself in Boots at lunchtime.

Laura Mercier Mini Loose Translucent Setting Powder

This powder is one of my all time HG products. I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve converted to its amazing mattifying and non-creasing ways. I find having a small pot of this in my bag allows me to do any touch-ups during the day and prevents me having to carry around the larger sized pot of powder that is also available.

Blotting Pad

When you have oily skin like me you need every product at your disposal to prevent the dreaded 1pm shine. I have some really cute re-usable blotting pads from Real Techniques. Dubbed “miracle blotting cushions” they are made of foam and you can use them to dab your face and absorb oil and prevent creasing. Its recommended you replace them every 1-3 months but I find I can give mine a quick wash with some soap and water to keep them in good nick and make them last a bit longer.

Mini Perfume (sample size!)

Whenever I receive a mini perfume sample I squirell it away for eventual rotation in my handbag. Who can be bothered carrying around a massive perfume bottle covered in bows or chains – not me. That’s why a mini perfume is perfect. So small you don’t even know you’re carrying it and ideal for any touch ups throughout the day, or a quick spritz before you head out for the evening after work.

Nail File

There seems never a day that goes by where I haven’t broken a nail or cracked it in some place. Having a nail file on hand
means that I can quickly smooth out any breakages and prevent them from getting any worse.