The Best Places To Go Beauty Shopping & Snacking in Soho

I love Soho. In the week I’m only a short walk away from this popular and very busy destination in central London. I work in an office on High Holborn so it’s only a quick walk for me to get there! Recently I was challenged to spend a day exploring the area and sharing any gems I came across. So of course I had to share the best places to go beauty shopping in Soho (with some snack stops thrown in along the way!)

I’m lucky enough to live close enough to visit Soho fairly frequently. But if you do happen to be visiting from further away then there are loads of hotels in Soho to choose from should you wish to make a break out of it!

Headmasters Soho

The Best Places To Go Beauty Shopping

The first stop on my list has to be Headmasters hair salon in Soho. I have been coming here for about a year and a half as I get my hair glossed every 10-12 weeks. The service is always great and the staff are really nice. The best thing about Headmasters is that they often run a 50% off colour sale for all colour related services. Colouring hair is very expensive and this sale really helps to save on the cost! I made sure to pop in and book my next appointment before the current colour sale ends (23rd March! Get in there while you can)

Gails Bakery Soho

The Best Places To Go Beauty Shopping

Next I popped into Gail’s Bakery. You can find it on Wardour Street. We have a monthly breakfast at work catered by Gail’s. From the first time I had it I was hooked! My favourite thing to eat there are the feta and spinach rolls. Closely followed by the sourdough smoked salmon and avocado sandwiches – so good! Feta and spinach rolls ordered I took a quick break to sit down and enjoy.

Too Faced on Carnaby

After Gail’s I headed over to Too Faced on Carnaby Street. I’d been eyeing up their “pretty rich” eyeshadow palette for a while now and knew I had to get it. The palette is made up of 16 shades of glitters, mattes, shimmers and pearls. My ideal palette. My favourite part is the 4 glitter pressed- gel eyeshadows which are so pretty. The shop itself is a nice size and it contained all of the most recent collections Too Faced have released. It’s always worth a look if you are on Carnaby Street!

Pixi Soho

The Best Places To Go Beauty Shopping

The Pixi store in Soho always holds a special place in my heart as it is the location of the first press event I was ever invited to! The shop front is decorated with flowers and looks lovely. Inside the shop is just as nice too. With all of the products neatly laid out and candles burning. I had to pick up a new lash line ink in the shade “black silk” whilst I was here.

The Best Places To Go Beauty Shopping

Tsujiri Matcha House

After Pixi we headed over the Tsujiri Matcha House. You can find it on Rupert Street. This is a new favourite of mine introduced to me by my friend Julie. If we ever meet up in the area we always have to stop in for some matcha ice cream. I usually go for a simple cone of matcha ice cream but this time opted for the “Wa Sundae”. Its green tea ice cream on top of cream and crispy rice pieces and black sugar jelly cubes. Definitely something different to what you’d find in a normal ice cream parlour!

The Best Places To Go Beauty Shopping

Cutter and Squidge

My final recommendation if you have the time would be to pop into Cutter and Squidge on Brewer Street. Unfortunately I didn’t get time to go this trip. But they do amazing cakes and cool afternoon teas. I think at the moment the “Potion Room” afternoon tea is running. It’s a great place to end the day after a busy afternoon beauty shopping!

Spending money was gifted to me by, but all views are my own.