Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Liquid Eyeshadow Review

Eyeshadow is probably my most favourite item of makeup. Purely because of the amount of colours and finishes we have at our disposal. I have seen the Huda Beauty matte & metal liquid eyeshadows going round on Instagram for a while now. Recently my intrigue finally got the better of me and I placed an order after doing some investigation on the shades I thought would suit me the most.

huda beauty matte & metal

The Shades

The shades I opted for were “faux fur/bamboo hoops” and “wednesday/froyo”.

The first is a peachy toned nude (matte shade) with a gold shimmer and the second is a baby pink (matte) with a pink shimmer that has silver pieces. I really liked both of these options as I thought they were very wearable. There were other shades in the line like greens and limes but I decided to play it safe for now.

huda beauty matte & metal

The Application

As you can see there are two sides to the product. One matte side and one shimmer. The matte side features a doe foot applicator.

I take the applicator and put three dots onto my lid, I then grab a blending brush (I have found the Sigma E40 is a good option) and quickly work it into my crease. The formula dries and sets really quickly so time is of the essence.

Once the product has dried down it looks like a normal matte shadow. You can add more if you want a more intense look or leave it as it is. The formula allows you to build up colour as you wish.

Then I grab the shimmer side, as you can see it has a brush applicator. It allows for more precise application. I pack this on the lid and use a flat eyeshadow brush to distribute it.

huda beauty matte & metal

huda beauty matte & metal


As you can see the product is extremely pigmented.  I definitely prefer the metallic side to the matte side. Purely because they are so intense and pretty. As I mention, time really is of the essence when applying the mattes. But as long as you start blending them out you are left with a softly diffused pretty base to team up with the shimmers.

It’s really easy to quickly create a put-together look with these shadows. Just team them with your favourite eyeliner and mascara and you have a party look ready to go!

huda beauty matte & metal

Have you ever tried these eyeshadows?