Makeup Tips and Tricks For When You’re Having A Bad Skin Day

We’ve all been there. Woken up, looked in the mirror and quickly realised today was not a day that our skin was going to co-operate with us. The main issues I suffer with are dark circles, spots, redness and super oily skin. Today I’ve put together a list of makeup tip and tricks for when you’re having a bad skin day.

Makeup Tips and Tricks For When You're Having A Bad Skin Day

Dark Circles

I suffer from quite bad dark circles, so every morning I always prep with an eye cream before I apply any product. I’ve been using banana bright eye cream by Ole Henriksen recently. The cream targets fine lines and reduces dark circles. It helps to illuminate the eye area and keep it soft and smooth without being heavy.

The next thing I do is take my concealer, I usually reach for Makeup Revolution conceal and define. Such an affordable product with fantastic results. I like to layer the product bit by bit, patting it in with a damp beauty blender. I find this gives more even results and doesn’t make the under eye area look heavy.

Covering Spots

If i’ve woken up in the morning to a massive spot then I find that plastering loads of foundation/concealer on top of it isn’t the best option. I usually try and calm them down a bit with some tea tree oil on the offending spot. I’ll then follow up with a tea tree infused moisturiser to provide the smoothest surface as possible. From then I’ll only apply a very thin layer of concealer to tone down any redness.

Banishing Redness

I think most of us suffer from some form of redness on our skin. This can be more noticeable if you are pale like me. As we all know the secret to counteracting redness is using the contrasting colour green. I have used the Smashbox photo finish green primer in the past to counteract redness and give me more of an even tone before applying my makeup.

Getting Rid of Oily Skin

Oily skin, my biggest nemesis. Whilst I’ve heard oily skin can actually have its benefits due to being less prone to wrinkles, it can get very annoying when your makeup has already slid off your face after only an hour. Over the years I’ve tried to pick up some tricks along the way to combat this. The first thing I do is never use makeup with oil in it. Oil free primers and foundations are always what I search for. To finish my makeup off I ALWAYS use a finishing powder. Not only does it stop my products from sinking into fine lines, it also mattifies my skin.

Hiding Dry Patches

Occassionally I suffer from the odd patch of dry skin. If i’ve been using a spot treatment on my face or I’ve been a bit heavy handed with my toner. To start with I try and chug a load of water and then follow that up with a very gentle facial scrub. I use the gentle facial exfoliator by Liz Earle to help buff away any dryness and leave me with a soft base to work with.