Does Azelaic Acid Fade Post Acne Marks & Redness?

Recently I had a very large spot come up on my chin, in my infinite wisdom I thought It’d be a great idea to try and get rid of it by first layering on my Mario Badescu drying cream, and then covering it with an acne spot patch overnight. Unfortunately this was one of my more flawed ideas. When I woke up the 2 products had almost formed into a facial cement making it practically impossible for me to remove.

After I finally managed to remove the patch, in the process I peeled off the top layer of my skin. Leaving my face a weeping (still spotty) mess. This left a huge scar once It had healed. It was getting to the point where I was finding it difficult to cover with concealer. It also kept rubbing off as I have a habit of touching my chin throughout the day.

Racking my brain I started investigating lotions and creams that helped fade acne scarring. At first I was applying Savlon antiseptic cream but then stumbled across azelaic acid suspension by the ordinary.

Does Azelaic Acid Help To Fade Post Acne Marks

What is azelaic acid?

Azelaic acid is soft of like a gentle exfoliant. You rub this cream into your skin and it helps to refine the surface, slowly removing things like post acne marks, bumps and more.

The ingredient is found within grains like barley, wheat etc. It will brighten the skin and improve its texture whilst reducing the look of nasty spots. Basically everything I was looking for to try and start fading this stubborn scar on my face.

The Ordinary produces their azelaic acid suspension cream at 10% – which means that you get a high-purity of the ingredient. Due to this they recommend you only apply a small amount to the skin when applying. The bottle only contains 30ml of product anyway so don’t go too wild.

Does Azelaic Acid Help To Fade Post Acne Marks

How Did I Use It And How Did I Get On?

I would apply this cream day and night. Taking only a small amount I’d rub it directly onto problem areas (that pesky scar) and wait for it to absorb. It usually absorbed extremely quickly and left my skin with a smooth surface. If I used it in the morning I had to be careful once applying my makeup as I found If I put too much on and then applied foundation the product would pill. I’d usually only apply a very small dot to the scar in the mornings, and in the evenings I would be more liberal with my application.

I’ve been getting on really well with the product so far, I have been using it for about 3 weeks and have definitely noticed a difference. Before the scar on my face was very red and I found it highly difficult to cover with concealer. Now I have noticed the redness considerably die down, almost to the point where I can’t notice it that much any more. Any leftover discolouration is easily covered by my foundation and I am very happy I found this product.

The best thing of all, as with most The Ordinary products, this only cost £5.50! Amazing value compared to other products with similar ingredients. I would repurchase this again and again. If you’re struggling with discolouration of the skin, scarring, acne bumps and more I would wholeheartedly recommend purchasing this.

Does Azelaic Acid Help To Fade Post Acne Marks