Help! My Biggest Beauty Horror Stories As A Teenager

Ahh being a teenager, such a confusing time. Not helped by all of the mistakes we made beauty wise. From wonky fringes, bad fake tan and dodgy dyed hair, I have a collection of beauty horror stories from my teen years. Lets all laugh together at them today..

Fake Tan Hands

A night before one of my friends birthdays I thought it would be a great idea to fake tan my arms and legs. I thought all went to plan until I woke up the next morning and had bright orange hands – looks like I forgot to wash them properly. Cue a desperate attempt to get rid of my wotsit hands using a fake tan remover, they still looked orange in the pictures! This was honestly the last time I ever used fake tan, I just stick to being pale now.

Sun-In Hair Nightmare

Being too young to have my hair dyed my mum suggested I try “sun-in” a hair lightening spray. Spraying it liberally all over my brunette hair I was excited to be *blonde*. Unfortunately for me though my hair just went a weird shade of orange, it also left it in a horrible condition. The result, a visit to the hairdressers to cut off as much as they could. Bye long locks!

Beauty Horror Stories

Clip In Fringe

I used to have a blunt fringe cut in. For my last year of uni I decided to grow it out. As I neared graduation it was still in that awkward in between faze and didn’t look great. I decided that a clip on side fringe would be a great solution. Before I ordered it I had to cut off a piece of my own hair to get it colour matched. Sadly when I cut off said piece of my own hair I didn’t think about where I was cutting it and ended up with one short piece of hair at the back of my head, where everything else was long. It took ages to grow back and the clip in fringe looked crap too.

Black Eyeliner

I used to wear thick black eyeliner around my top and bottom eyelid. It was very panda-esque, it also used to smudge so by the end of the day I had it halfway round my face too. I have many unfortunate photos of teenage me and my runny eyeliner which I thought was so cool.

Beauty Horror Stories

Singed Hair

To get poker straight hair I used to turn my straighteners up to max heat. This also meant that over time my hair was basically frying, it got to the point when all the ends were singed and frazzled and once again I had to have it all cut off! Lesson learned – less heat is more!

Have you got any teenage beauty horror stories? Let me know in the comments.