Gift Guide – Father’s Day Skincare Saviours For Dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching and every year we have to answer the question – what are we going to get Dad this year! For Father’s Day 2020 I was lucky enough to be gifted a skincare set from Nivea that I could treat my Dad with! So I thought I’d talk about the skin care bits available in the sensitive range if you’re searching for something to gift Dad with too!

The sensitive range is formulated with 0% alcohol, to minimise any skin irritation. It seeks to use ingredients that are kind to skin like Vitamin E and Witch Hazel.

Sensitive Shower Gel

Everyone needs a shower gel right! This one sets out to be the ultimate in terms of soothing and refreshing shower care. Giving a long lasting fresh feeling, the gel lathers into a mild foam and contains bamboo extract to look after your skin.


Sensitive Intensive Cream-Gel

This cream-gel provides all day relief from any skin irritation. Sometimes shaving can really make the skin dry, tight and itchy. The cream gives 48 hour moisturisation and helps to avoid these conditions. As mentioned it contains 0% alcohol, combined with Vitamin E and Chamomile. The cream is fast absorbing so you aren’t left with any greasy or sticky residue!

Sensitive Face Wash

This face wash is soap free, so perfect for sensitive skin. It cleanses and refreshes thanks again to the Vitamin E ingredient, getting rid of dirt and oils from the face. Used once a day it can be beneficial in pore unclogging, and keeping your skin smooth. It’s even good for breakouts! Although at nearly 60 I don’t think my dad has much of those any more. If your Dad has a beard this wash is also good for softening facial hair – giving a better shave!


Sensitive One-Stroke Shaving Gel

The final product is the one-stroke shaving gel. This aims to prevent the 5 signs of shaving irritation: Redness, dryness, tightness, burning and micro-cuts (ouch!). The formula helps to give a close and smooth shave without having to go back and forth over the area again and again. This also contains Chamomile to protect the skin and prevent nasty irritation.

What are your plans for Father’s Day? I think this year will be a quiet one due to everything still going on in the world for many of us! Hopefully if you have a garden you might be able to pop round to Dad’s to have a socially distant visit!