Estrid – The Vegan Razor – Thoughts & Review

We all shave right? Given it’s slightly less frequently during the freezing cold months, but sometimes there is nothing nicer than feeling your legs right after you’ve shaved, or getting into a fresh set of bed sheets!

When Estrid contacted me and asked If I’d like to try out their starter kit I was intrigued. What’s so great about a razor?! Sure I use them but I usually just opt for the cheapest disposable one in Boots and think no more about it.

Estrid actually has a cool backstory though, it was created because the majority of shaving brands were targeted towards men, they wanted to create a better shaving experience for women at half the price of the competition.

estrid vegan razor

The razors come in a range of cool colours from this lovely baby pink above to a beautiful sunshine yellow. With a minimalist design and a weighty steel handle they come equipped with a 5 blade razor. The cartridges are also vegan and enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E.

My starter kit is £7.95 and comes with a steel handle, a wall holder and 2 cartridges! I’ve been using it for quite some time now and I can say I definitely experience less irritation and a lovely smooth shave every time.

estrid vegan razor

You can really feel the quality of this razor when you hold it. Unlike the cheapy plastic ones I used to use it feels well made and also fits into my bathroom aesthetic perfectly (it matches my pusheen shower speaker haha!)

You can sign up for a razor subscription so you get new cartridges whenever you need them, reducing waste, plus you can cancel any time.

There are even other products to purchase on the website, like cute colour co-ordinated holders, shaving cream, body lotion and more.

I really would recommend taking a look at the starter kit if you’re thinking about purchasing a new razor.

estrid vegan razor

estrid vegan razor