Who Am I?

I’m Sophie, I am 30 and live with my husband in Essex. Back in 2012 when I was completing the last year of my Computer Science degree I decided to start up my own blog. Throughout my teenage years I was always playing around on the internet. Teaching myself how to code very basic HTML websites and making my own pixel dolls on my favourite program “Paint Shop Pro”.


To cut a long story short, I think there’s nothing better than sharing the things I love and I do that through my blog. I have met so many like minded people and long term friends in the blogging community, starting my own website was one of the best things I ever did!


Why Beauty and Makeup?

I have always had a love for beauty products and make up in general. Over the years I’ve watched hours and hours of YouTube tutorials and relentlessly kept up to date with new product releases.


Not only do I enjoy writing about products I also have a passion for creating make up looks for myself and other people. Sometimes they are slightly crazy character looks (as you can see on my Instagram page!) and other times they are glam looks that you could wear for a special occasion. Over the last couple of years I have been working hard to try and improve my makeup skills. I am largely self-taught but I have also started taking some courses to extend my qualifications in the area.




What Beauty Brands Do I Love?

I really do love so many different beauty brands and feel we have a huge range of cosmetics at our disposal these days. You might see me talking about some of my all time favourites on my blog. I’m never seen without my No7 Stay Perfect Mascara. When it comes to blush I almost always go for Tarte, and my favourite eye shadows are usually made by Urban Decay. Recently I’ve acquired a new love for Sigma brushes (they really are the best) and my eyeshadow has never looked so blended.


What Beauty Brands Have I Worked With?

I have been lucky enough to work with brands over the years and have attended events and reviewed products.


Some of those include: Nivea, Essence Cosmetics, Shea Moisture, Know Cosmetics, Falseeyelashes.co.uk, Indulge Beauty, Billion Dollar Brows, Bourjois, Benefit at Debenhams, Urban Decay, Headmasters, Rimmel, KISS, Technic Beauty, GOSH and I hope many more in the future!