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Loving Avenue 32

Avenue 32 is a luxury designer fashion website that I have really been loving recently, when I first laid eyes on their Philip Lim bags I was in love. I will admit I have an obsession with designer bags, I literally dream about the bags I would have if I was a millionare (My house [...]

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Fashion Night Out

This time last week I went to the Fashion Night Out event with Joanna and Chelsey, the actual event itself was very small, with only a few stalls but we still all managed to find things that we loved! I found this rather awesome bracelet by a company called 'Bella Bling Jewellery', everything in the shops seems to [...]


Jack Wills Christmas Knit Leggings

I've been on the hunt for some Christmassy leggings for ages, and I finally stumbled across these ones from Jack Wills whilst I was out shopping for my sister's Christmas present. They are easily the most comfortable pair of leggings I have ever worn and I can see me getting tons of wear out of [...]


Michael Kors Hamilton Black and Rose Gold

I admitted I was a handbag addict quite a while ago. If there was one thing I would have to say I "collected" it would probably be bags. As some of you may know I started working full time at a rather awesome SEO company this August and as I received my first full pay check at [...]


Affordable Flatforms With A Twist

I've been after a pair of flatforms for a long time, but every time I see some I like they always seem to be too big/too small, or they hurt to walk in, until I found these! These quilted flatforms from BANK cost me £18, and they even come with a removable ankle strap so [...]

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Small Haul

I ran out of my favourite perfume last week so I made a trip down to Boots to scope out something I could replace it with this weekend! 'The Big Pony Collection' was something I came across straight away, I think it's fairly new, but they were promoting it quite heavily in Boots anyway. There [...]


Meet My New Floral Wedges

I'm not usually the type of person that goes for bold coloured shoes with patterns on them, mainly playing it safe with black and neutral colours, but when I saw these shoes I knew I had to have them. From the floral pattern to the bow on the front (I am a sucker for a [...]


Owl And The Pussycat Shop Jewellery

I was recently contacted by a very lovely follower of my blog called Lucy. She explained to me that she had set up her own online jewelry shop to help fund a trip to Morocco where she would be working with disadvantaged children, and very kindly asked if I'd like to try some of it. Lucy [...]


60 Chances To Win With Tresor Paris

Tresor Paris are a brand that have been on my radar for quite a while, their very iconic magnetite crystal jewellery has been seen on loads of celebrities and has become quite a fashion statement. I'm very fortunate to own a bracelet that was bought for me as a Christmas present, It's probably one of [...]