Dove Soft Feel Review

Deodorant, a pretty big necessity but something I usually “overlook”. I use the same one day in and day out and never really change it up. So when Dove asked if i’d like to try their new Soft Feel range I was intrigued.

The range features a warm powder scent with fresh feminine florals, creamy musk and amber notes which was created by fragrance house Givaudan. It’s been combined with the Dove quarter moisturising cream and aims to leave your underarms feeling soft.

dove soft feel

dove soft feel

I’ve never really used roll-on deodorant before now, but I think i’m now a convert! It might sound silly but I hate the cold feeling you get with usual deo sprays so this is a welcome change! It also dries really quickly so there’s no walking around waving your arms about like a loon. Of course the sprays work just as well but the roll-on is a definite winner in my eyes.

As you can see the sprays come in two different sizes, a 125ml and 75ml compressed deodorant. The 75ml is perfect handbag size if you feel like you need to re-spray during the day. The price of the 125ml Dove Soft Feel Compressed deodorant is £3.79, 75ml Compressed deodorant £2.99 and the 50ml Roll On is £2.39.

  • I use to use dove deodorant all the time but if I didn't let it dry enough then it would leave white marks – but now I know that they do roll ons (have they always and I've just missed it?) I'd definitely be tempted to give them a go, especially in the new scent!

    Sammy xo.

  • I haven't tried these ones but I really like Doves 48hour deodorant!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  • Dove is the only spray on I can use without having weird skin issues, but even so I tend to use roll on to be safe. Soft Feel sounds like it could be even better. | Amy x

  • Ahh yes the dreaded white marks! 🙁 the roll on is my new fav thing haha

  • This has made me into a total convert! I'll definitely be using roll-on loads more from now on 🙂

  • Oooh this one sounds good too!