Topshop Sisters Of The New Moon Collection

After seeing that Topshop had launched a new make up collection recently, I had to go take a look at it. It’s called “Sisters Of The New Moon”, and the packaging is themed to make it look quite mystical. The first thing I was attracted to was a Lip Tint, in shade ‘Crystal’

It’s such a pretty colour, and although it looks very glittery in the pictures it comes out looking quite sheer. Its meant to adjust to the Ph levels on your lips, creating a unique shade. It’s actually really moisturising and it did last for a fairly long time.

I already love the usual Topshop packaging, but this time they’ve opted for a different look with a silver metallic finish with added black patterns.






Next up was the new “Lash Catcher” mascara, I’m a slight mascara junkie so I’m always keen to try out new ones.

I think it’s safe to say I love this mascara. I must have worn this for about 9 hours and It didn’t smudge in the slightest. I 100% recommend this if you’re looking for a mascara that lengthens and doesn’t smudge.

The final thing I got was the “Magic Liner”, the Nib is seriously precise on this. It’s great in terms of creating really fine lines, and is so easy to apply, but I found that it did smudge quite a bit when I was wearing it. Granted, I did wear it to work, and It’s usually busy and fairly hot in there. So I may have to give this one another try until I have a final say on it!

Have you tried any of this collection yet?

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