LUSH Buttercup Giftset

The Lush Buttercup gift set is one of the best combinations of products ever. With Vanilla and Toffee being two of my favourite scents, you can imagine my joy when I received this as a present.

I love the fact that Lush always put a little sticker on their products telling you who it was made/packed by, I think it makes it more personal.







Can I just say how amazing this soap smells! Literally good enough to eat! It lathers really nicely and when I use it I can always smell it on myself as the day goes on. The bath bomb left my skin feeling really soft and gave off a lovely vanilla-y smell. I will probably go as far to say that these two have been my most favourite of all the Lush products I’ve used. I think It’s perfect for a gift for a friend or relative.

What are your favourite Lush products?